Nails: More Dazzle Dry Shades

As I mentioned in my previous haul, I broke down and bought four more Dazzle Dry lacquers. Luckily enough DD Philippines is still on sale (until the 15th!) so I got each of these for Php399.

mayjunehaul19 mayjunehaul20

The shades are (L-R) Strawberry Macaron, Heart of Fire, Love’s Secret, and Electrifying. The latter three are in Rina’s list of recommendations. To be honest, I would have bought all the shades on her list if I had more money! I swatched those three and I’ve also included my thoughts on each of them.

First up we have Electrifying. This is the darkest and brightest of all four of the new lacquers (nay, all eight of my lacquers!). To be honest I was shocked at how much more red this was. It was a fiercely, vividly, and in-your-face kind of red. I’m not entirely sure if I can rock this shade, but I don’t really regret getting it. This will definitely look great on future nail art that I plan to do. Besides, I have to have at least one red, don’t I? (excuses, excuses..)

ddreds1 ddreds2

Next we have Heart of Fire. This is a much deeper pink compared to Strawberry Macaron. It definitely has more red in it, but at the same time it’s not really what I can call bright pink. I love this color, and I think it goes well with my skin tone.

ddreds3 ddreds4

Finally we have Love’s Secret. This is definitely a nude shade, and is quite a great shade for everyday use. What’s the secret? There are tiny silver flecks in the lacquer! It’s really hard to capture on pictures, but it’s quite mesmerizing in person. I catch myself occasionally scrutinizing my nails to glimpse the silver glints.

ddreds5 ddreds6

I did a close up to see if I can capture it. You can just barely make it out, but I assure you that it’s there and it’s wonderful!


As for Strawberry Macaron, I already did a previous swatch. But just for completion, I’ll repost the picture here. Again, Strawberry Macaron is a dainty pink that’s also great for everyday wear. It’s certainly a little bit more girly than Love’s Secret as a nude shade.


I am certainly in love with Dazzle Dry. There are new collections coming out and they have new greens! squee I’m already saying goodbye to my savings as early as now. Have you tried Dazzle Dry? What shades did you get?

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