Nails: National Heroes Day

Pardon the consecutive nail posts, but I wanted to share with you my entry to Girlstuff’s Nail Art Contest. The theme is National Heroes Day, and this is my interpretation for it. I actually had this idea since around Independence Day but I didn’t have time then to execute it. I thought the design seemed appropriate for National Heroes Day as well. A big thanks to my husband for helping me take this picture!


The Girlstuff polish I used is Nina (swatched here). I used two coats on the thumb, index finger, and pinky on both hands. For the flag I used the following Dazzle Dry shades: Electrifying (red), Forget-Me-Not (blue), White Lightning (white), and Sahara (yellow). I also used the Dazzle Dry Base and Top Coats.


Here are the steps I took to do the flag design.

Left hand (painted with my dominant right):

  1. Paint a layer of white lacquer on the ring and middle fingers. If your white polish isn’t very solid, do two layers.
  2. Paint the upper right diagonal (with the hand laid flat) on the middle finger with the blue polish. I only used free hand here, and the polish brushes themselves.
  3. Paint the upper left diagonal on the ring finger with the red polish.
  4. Using a dotting tool, paint two small dots on the lower corners using the yellow polish. Afterwards paint two half-circles in the inner edges to make the sun.

gscontest3 gscontest2

Right hand (painted with my non dominant left):

  1. Paint a layer of white lacquer on the ring and middle fingers. One layer will do even if the white polish isn’t very solid.
  2. Paint the entire middle finger with the blue polish.
  3. Paint the entire ring finger with the red polish.

I used white polish under the red and the blue polish for the right hand so that the shades will match the colors on the left hand (since the left is painted over the white).

gscontest5 gscontest4

Can I ask for a favor? If you liked my nail art can you kindly like my official entry over at Girlstuff’s Facebook page? Thank you loads!

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