Nails: OMG Crystal Sand Part 1

I’ve shown you in my massive August haul the three OMG Crystal Sand Polishes I purchased. Here let me show you them again.

augusthaul40 augusthaul41

I’ve finally completed the swatches and will show you them shortly. Let me just talk a little bit about this line. OMG (Oh My Golly by Klik) recently released this line of Crystal Sand polishes. I think they have about seven or eight shades, but I purchased only three: Peridot, Opal, and Quartz. They are still in the amazing price of Php20 each, for 10ml.

These Crystal Sand polishes are meant to be a texture polish, meaning no top coat should be used to fully take advantage of the “sandy” texture. Now, I had doubts as to the longetivity of a texture polish without the protection of a top coat, but OMG actually made a pretty high quality texture polish. You can really feel the sandy texture on the nails, although they do kind of smoothen down by themselves after a few days. I saw very little chipping from these polishes, and I wore each of them for at least five days.

Without further ado! Let me start by showing you Quartz. This one was my favorite in the bottle. It’s such a bright bright pink and I hoped it translates well onto the nail.


Unfortunately it didn’t. Not as much. I used only two coats here (in fact I used two coats each for all three shades), and it was a little dimmer than I expected. It’s still such a nice bright pink though, and the silver micro glitters really pop in sunlight. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take sunlight shots of Quartz.

omgcrystal02 omgcrystal03

Next is Peridot. It’s the lighter of the two green Crystal Sands available. I love how nice and glittery it turned out. I can imagine actually wearing this to a formal event since green-and-silver is a nice formal combination.

omgcrystal04 omgcrystal05 omgcrystal06

It also pops out in sunlight. Here you can see the difference against the indoor shot above. The silver micro glitter is really the star of the show.

omgcrystal07 omgcrystal08

Last we have Opal. I found it rather odd that they named it that, since opals are normally white or milky, with flashes of color underneath. It is a deep purple with the same silver micro glitter found in the other two shades. The purple is very vampy.

omgcrystal09 omgcrystal10

This isn’t actually an outdoor shot, just a shot near an open window. It’s about the same though, and you can see how bright the sparkles are when it reflects the light.

omgcrystal11 omgcrystal12

I really love these three Crystal Sand shades, and I’m quite happy with the performance that I am considering purchasing the rest of the shades in the collection. They are after all only Php20 so it seems almost ridiculous to pass it up. The texture is fun too, and I find myself touching my nails often because of it.

9 thoughts to “Nails: OMG Crystal Sand Part 1”

  1. Yay! I have all 7 of the colors in this collection. I love them all. By far my favorites by OMG. ๐Ÿ™‚ You are right about the name though. Should have been amethyst no? I can’t get over the quality of their products. Several of their polishes are also great for stamping. Unfortunately, they recently have had some problems and the brains behind the polish making is no longer working for the company. Hopefully the quality will remain the same but the formulas were all her intellectual properties so I imagine they will have to revamp their collections. I’ve hoarded some of their colors for back ups just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I need to get the remaining four, stat! These are really so good! But oh no, I hope the quality of their polishes remain high even with her leaving. This is such sad news, thanks for the heads up. I need to go hoard my favorite colors too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. pretty naman! i thought i would like the pink one most pero i prefer the purple and emerald shade on this one. naiinis tuloy ako that the closest malls in my area do not have this brand ๐Ÿ™ its super inexpensive <3

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