Nails: OMG Jive

Here finally is the last of my three new OMG nail polishes: Jive. It is a blue that will remind you of plastic toys and maybe an after-lunch sky.

holidayhaul21 holidayhaul22

Indoors it looks a lot darker, closer to the bottle color.

omgjive1 omgjive2

Outdoors it looks lighter and brighter. I used two coats, with a top coat.

omgjive3 omgjive4

OMG polishes are Php19.75, and I bought these at Landmark Makati.

6 thoughts to “Nails: OMG Jive”

  1. They have a color that I really really really like — taupe. And I couldn’t find the same color in another brand. I hate that it chips so fast. I feel like it’s a waste of 19.75. Pero good enough if you intend to sport a color for a day or 2 lang. I like blue the most.

    1. Ooh I haven’t tried any of their nude colors yet. I’ll try to find it, I’m a huge fan of this brand! I find that it helps last on my nails with a topcoat.

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