Nails: OMG Sunny Tan

This week I’ll show you the swatch for OMG Sunny Tan. This shade is quite simply a taupe, leaning towards chocolate brown. It is a very nice neutral shade, and quite office-appropriate.

febhaul09 febhaul10

Here it is, indoors.


And here it is, outdoors. The chocolate browniness of it is more apparent here.


OMG nail polishes costs Php19.75 each, and is available in Landmark branches. I have no information on OMG’s animal testing policies.

6 thoughts to “Nails: OMG Sunny Tan”

  1. I love sunny tan, I used to have that. I’m just annoyed with OMG because they chip so fast

    Sunny tan looks like a taupey wet cement that’s so flattering.

    1. OMG is fair when it comes to chipping for me, and I use the Dazzle Dry base and top coats with it. 🙂 I love this color, so versatile!~

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