Nails: Pastel.. Flowers?

Here we are again at another attempt at nail art. My inspiration this time is the idea of pastel flowers. I wanted something dainty and girly but not overly so. To make it not so girly, I decided to use Dazzle Dry Spearmint Tea as base. The flowers would be in Strawberry Macaron and Lavender Parade. The plan was to have only two flowers on each nail, a flower in each color. I used my dotting tool to make three-petaled flowers on each nail.

It was almost perfect.


Unfortunately, at first glance the flowers looked like hearts. Fail!


I do still like how it turned out. It is dainty, it is girly, but not overly so.


Spearmint Tea is such an eye-grabbing color. I’m glad I chose it as the base.


It looks a lot better in the sunlight.


Check out what photography and lighting can do to the colors. The picture below makes Spearmint Tea look a deeper blue than it really is! It reminds me of Forget-Me-Not, actually.


What do you think? Maybe I should have put a tiny dot in the middle of the flowers or something.

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