Nails: Princess Bling

If you will recall from my Watsons haul, I bought a set of nail polishes from Bobbie called Cocktail Hour Gradation Nail Polish in Pink Cadillac, which is a limited edition set of three mini bottles that is supposed to make a gradation nail art. Let me remind you of what I’m talking about.


For this look, instead of the base polish in the set I instead used Chic Nail Polish in Love Orchid. It’s a very pale pink that has a creamy texture. I used two layers. It’s a little sheer as I can still see my nail line, but I wasn’t worried since I’m layering. Here is the swatch with the base color alone.

princessbling1 princessbling2

I added the second layer from the gradation set (middle bottle). This is basically silver sparkles in a base color of a darker pink than the Love Orchid. I applied it about half a centimeter from the cuticles. It may be a little hard to see in this picture, but you can see the sparkles in the middle of the nails.


Finally, I used the rightmost bottle, which is big circular and hexagonal silver glitters in a colorless base. I applied it only on the very edge, reminiscent of a french tip. I did this partly because the glitters were stubborn ang clung to the brush and I have had to scrape it against my nails to make it adhere.

princessbling4 princessbling5

The end result is very pretty, and evokes the feeling of having dainty bling on my nails. I put on my usual Caronia Fastdry Top Coat, but the glitters were too big that you can feel the texture. Here it is again cleaned up and in better light.


What do you think?

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