Nails: White Stripes

As an extension of Lesson #2, I decided to do a mani with more lines. For this I used Dazzle Dry Heart of Fire as base and White Lightning for the stripes.


First I used two coats of Heart of Fire as base. Using my detailing brush I painted three lines using White Lightning on the accent nail. I had to do each line twice to make it more solid.

whitestripes2I’m starting to think that using nail polish to make non-dot designs is not really viable. Either that or my brush isn’t that good. I find that I need to go over the lines more than once to make it opaque enough, and that leads to these really thick lines. I will not be able to make other kinds of art like drawings if the lines will be this thick. I’m considering using acrylic paint, following what Rina does. We shall see!

3 thoughts to “Nails: White Stripes”

    1. Hi Shayne! Yes I’ve tried it and it didn’t work so well. I haven’t tried it again recently with Dazzle Dry lacquers though. I’ll put up a post once I get a nice mani out of it. 😛

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