New Artist Studio Brushes – White

I have a relatively decent collection of Artist Studio brushes. Most of them are the “bronze” brushes – brushes with bronze colored ferrules and black handles. For instance these three brushes below are all bronze brushes (powder brush, angled flat top brush, angled eyeliner brush).


I also have one of the “silver” brushes – brushes with a silvery ferrule and black handle. The one I have here is an eyeshadow brush.


Recently I learned that there is a new type of Artist Studio brushes – the white ones! These are brushes with white handles and black ferrules. I purchased two of them to see how they compare with the brushes I already have. I got two: a powder brush and a flat liner brush.

aswhite1 aswhite2 aswhite3 aswhite4

This powder brush is quite a bit smaller than my first powder brush (the bronze one above). It is also a bit flatter in profile, and the hair feels a little bit less sturdy. It is also much cheaper at Php109.75, compared to the bronze one which is around Php129.75 if I recall correctly.

aswhite5 aswhite6

The angled liner brush is also quite short. The bristles aren’t as stiff as the bronze liner brush, so I doubt this is going to work as well. This is again around 20 pesos cheaper, at Php29.75 (the bronze one is Php49.75 I think).

aswhite7 aswhite8

I haven’t tried cleaning these yet, but I am starting to doubt that they are as sturdy as the bronze ones. They really feel a little flimsy, although they do perform well for their respective functions. I bought these at Landmark Trinoma.

I don’t have any information regarding the animal testing policies of Artist Studio.

4 thoughts to “New Artist Studio Brushes – White”

    1. So true! I was just so hyped about the shiny new brushes but I didn’t really feel it before buying, haha! On the other hand, I couldn’t really say no to a 30-peso brush. 😛

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