New Blog Planner in Pocket Size

As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m slowly transitioning to an exclusively pocket size TN collection. This means all of my previous inserts needed to be converted into that size, and that includes my blog planner. Previously it was in a regular size insert. I decided that the start of a new year is a great time to switch to a new insert, which is what I did.


This is my new blog planner. I used a pocket size (3.5×5.5″) blank Moleskine cahier, which allowed me to use my own layout for the planner pages. For January, I decided to keep to my old format. I used clear stamps to label the first page of the planner.


The monthly page is again hand-drawn, except for the daily headings and the month name which are stamped. I decided to do a unified color scheme per month, and as you can see here, January is orange.


The weekly pages are in the same color scheme (orange for January), but each week only has the three days corresponding to my scheduled publishing days. There’s enough space to put either a task list relating to the assigned post, or a draft, or post notes, or all three. There is of course less space compared to a regular size insert, but I can work with this since I have small handwriting.


I have drawn in the monthly page of the next month (violet for February!), but haven’t done the weekly spreads yet. As I had an extra page at the end of the January weekly pages (I wanted to have the monthly page at the right hand side), I decided to use that for a place to put in some blog post ideas. Here’s a sneak peek of my future blog posts!

I’m so far pleased by how the blog planner looks. Perhaps the only complaint is that the paper of Moleskine is notoriously unfriendly to fountain pens which is why I’m using just my Coletos here. I also wanted to start using up my pocket notebooks so I decided to go with the Moleskine despite that handicap instead of making a new insert.

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