No Spend Tracking in the Hobonichi

A lot of us are into some form of No Spend, the aim of which is to help us curtail our unnecessary spending. At one point I knew I had to do something similar, because I have too many things and still kept buying more. I started my No Spend last January 2016, where the idea is to not spend on specific items that I feel I already have too much off. My ban list are: washi tape, stickers, pens, and stamps. Later on, I added traveler’s notebooks to this list.

The way that I kept track of my progress is through the monthly view of my Hobonichi A6. I used these cute little transparent circle stickers, and I put one sticker on each day that I am successfully able to avoid spending for things on the ban list. If not successful, I would put in the name or the source of the item/s that I ended up buying.


January was off to a sad start. I fell off the wagon three times, where I bought a Daiso brush pen, some Kelly Purkey stamps, and a small Sweet Stamp Shop stamp set. I swore this would be the last time I buy stamps!


February was much better! I was only weak for one day, and it turned out to be a bunch of items from Crafty Lane such as Coletos and the current cover for the Hobonichi.


March was really terrible! This was the month where I suddenly went berserk with buying. I got a fountain pen from Pengrafik, some Kikki-K items, a lot of Jot leather covers, a Chicsparrow (coming up on the blog soon!), two Fiskars stamp sets (sigh), and Midori items from CraftyLane (again coming up on the blog soon!).

Clearly I’m not doing very well with this No Spend business, but the layout of the tracking makes it really easy to see when and what I spent on. I am continuing this tracking, and hopefully I’ll do better in the next few months!

Are you on No Spend? How are you doing on it?



2 thoughts to “No Spend Tracking in the Hobonichi”

  1. I like this. I may incorporate this into my 2018 hobonichi, but do the opposite with the stickers. only place a sticker the day something was bought!

    Thanks for sharing

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