Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach

Quite an almost-alliteration! Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach is unabashedly my favorite in the Flawless Beauty Glamourbox that was recently released. I love Ofra lipsticks and have always lemmed for the liquid lipsticks available at Glamourbox Boutique. You won’t believe just how excited I was when I saw this inside the subbie box (there was some squealing involved)!


The lipstick came in a black box with a little window to show you the shade, and the actual tube is a transparent one with a black cap. The shade name is clearly written on the tube.

lagunabeach1 lagunabeach2

The wand itself is just a doe foot applicator. It’s adequate enough to apply the lipstick onto the lips, but is not a very good one for defining the cupid’s bow. For better application, I would recommend using a lip brush. [Pardon this shot. For some reason the macro setting focused on the tube instead of the wand.]


Here again is the arm swatch. From this and the product color on the wand we can see that Laguna Beach is some sort of peachy pink/plum sort of shade.


Let’s move on to the lip swatches! Here is a comparison of bare lips and one with Laguna Beach.


It looks a lot muted here than what the arm swatch suggests. Here’s a closer look at the lips.


Upon closer inspection, Laguna Beach is actually a pretty pale pink. As it is a liquid lipstick, there needs to be a little bit of wait time for the lipstick to dry and settle. It dries matte, but unfortunately has a tendency to emphasize the lip lines. To test the longevity of it, I took another photo after four hours and a meal (Brightest Bulb in a Box‘s lipstick longevity test).


It’s still somewhat there but a little faded, and is a lot more evident on the outer edges of my lips. I would say that this is fairly long lasting, as long as you don’t eat or drink so much. It is still a pretty interesting lipstick for me (my second liquid one, but my most used so far!). Did I mention it smells so good? It has a very appealing vanilla pastry scent that makes me want to buy cupcakes. This costs a pretty steep Php950, but it has 8 grams of product (usual lipstick tubes contain 3.5-4 grams). Ofra Cosmetics is a cruelty-free company.

Disclaimer: I buy Glamourboxes with my own money. I am not required to write this post.


14 thoughts to “Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach”

  1. Did you notice yours has streaks of dark red pigment? Mine has, too. I wonder what it is. Anyway, LOOOOVE the color but I’m super worried because shades in this family apply wildly different on me :[

    1. Their normal lippies are at 650php, which has 4 grams I think. This one has 8g, so it’s not so bad? The question is if one can maximize the product since it’s in a dip tube.

    1. Actually yeah! I’ve tried only one of those and didn’t really like the shade and texture. Ofra does it better I think (but costs like 5x?).

      1. NYX is more expensive sa malls, 390 pesos. But sa online sellers, usually 280. Sayang you don’t like NYX Matte. Ofra is incredible but it’s too pricey for me, though it has more product in it. It really doesn’t matter even if I don’t buy more Ofra cause you know I already have a lot of lip products. Nyahaha! 😀

      2. I still have to get used to this liquid lipstick business, medyo tricky din. I would probably need to try the other types of Nyx lippies maybe. I’m not against the brand naman. 😛

  2. Seems pretty similar to NYX SMLCs although Ofra might be more comfortable. I like NYX SMLCs for the color payoff and cushy feel, but I’m not too crazy about the wear. It tends to wear off unevenly for me. But it’s good enough on days that I’m game for liquid lipstick.

    Laguna Beach is a pretty shade on your arm swatch as well as on your lips. I’m just not sure how it would translate on my coloring. If your issue with NYX SMLC is color, here are some of my suggestions that I think might work on you: Stockholm (nude), San Paulo (a dirty pink, kind of) and Amsterdam. Amsterdam is my absolute favorite SMLC to wear because the brightness of the red just makes it so fun to wear. Monte Carlo might also be up your alley if you like deeper reds. Addis Ababa also seems to work for many.

    1. I think I have the shade Tokyo from the SMLC and it makes me look too washed out and slightly ill. At its lower price I think it’ll be much more palatable to try the other shades. Thanks for the recommendations!

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