On regretting (many) a non-purchase

Image credits: http://connectlanguage.com/
Image credits: http://connectlanguage.com/

We’ve all heard about buyer’s regret; we may have even experienced it once or twice (or more times). What surprised me recently is that it’s possible to regret not buying. I suppose it shouldn’t really be that surprising. After all, this is what fuels the idea of limited edition releases (I’m looking at you, MAC).

This post is to let you know that I am officially regretting not purchasing a couple of limited edition items, and now they are, well, no longer available.

LORAC Mega Pro

Image credits: Lorac Cosmetics
Image credits: Lorac Cosmetics

I mentioned to Liz that I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw Temptalia‘s take on the Mega Pro. Temptalia didn’t seem too impressed, especially comparing to the original Pro and Pro2. For some reason I put a lot of value in her recommendation, so I scoffed and did not place an order. It made sense, I thought, since I don’t even own either of the original Pros yet.

About two weeks later I saw some bloggers start posting looks using the Mega Pro. Cue that sinking feeling in the stomach. It looks and applies much better than the review stated. I should have gotten it since it has 32 shades for $59, making it the single palette I will probably have been using forever.

Lesson learned: Do read more reviews other than Temptalia. Third/fourth opinion and all that.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Angela

Image credits: Makeup and Beauty Blog
Image credits: Makeup and Beauty Blog

The NARS Audacious range is all the rage even until today. I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon primarily because the price is quite steep. Php1650 for a single lipstick seemed a bit too much, even if it’s quite possibly one of the best formulas released. The packaging is also very nice, and the shade Angela seemed like a really safe bet.

I even got to swatch it! I found it at the NARS counter at Glorietta, but I didn’t have the moolah then to purchase it. And besides, I was again reminded that it costs Php1650, so I dithered and said I’ll just return for it maybe the week after. From the lesson learned with the Mega Pro, I took to the internet and was comforted by various positive reviews of Angela. My husband even okayed it! I went immediately back and yep, you guessed it. Sold out. Rushed to the one other branch in my travel range (Shangri-la) and yep, still sold out. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Lesson learned: I’m not sure what the lesson learned here. Should I have bought it, knowing that 1. it was out of my budget to be sure and 2. it would have been an impulse buy?

How do you deal with FOMO (fear of missing out)?

19 thoughts to “On regretting (many) a non-purchase”

  1. I don’t feel this. Hahaha. I’ve been so spendy that when something “disappears” it’s meant to disappear. Anyway, the audacious line is permanent naman and the will restock, hopefully before December. 😛 You’ll have more time to really think about it.

    1. Yun nga din reaction ko. When I was told Angela was sold out at the second Nars I visited, I thought it really was not meant to be. Owell haha! I’m just worried that the “permanent” version will not have that beautiful casing.

  2. I’ve felt this so many times before from past limited editions but lately not so much. I am thankful that the Audacious lipsticks are permanent because I have my eye on a couple of shades.

  3. Ako madaling magimpluse buy! Pero minsan, I wait. Like, if this is still available after this day, it means it is for me, if not, then ok lang. Besides, there will be more new makeup releases! I also want the mega pro and Vice 3, but when I open my drawer, I see all my palettes staring back at me, kaya ok na na hindi ko na sila bibilihin. 🙂

    1. Yeah that’s usually what I try to keep in mind whenever I see all these drool worthy new things! It’s especially hard nowadays since all the holiday sets are coming out. Argh!

      1. True! I am feasting on a lot of holiday sets. It doesn’t help too that a friend of mine will be there on thanksgiving! BUT need to resist hard! Haha!

  4. I totally feel ya, gurl! The biggest regret (hanggang ngayon) ko is hindi ako bumili ng kahit isang item from the MAC x Archie’s Collection 🙁 I have other regrets but they usually just last for about 12 hours. Tapos I would realize that it’s probably just not meant to be.

  5. I love this post idea and hope to see it around more often! Sometimes just thinking out your wants can help you better control compulsions, haha. But I agree with those who say that the regret doesn’t last long – competition in the industry is so aggressive that if it sells like hotcakes they’ll find a way to bring it back, or a dupe will come out soon after! There’s just so much makeup out there )now that losing one limited edition item isn’t the end of the world anymore :

    1. True! It’s interesting that brands really find a way to people’s buying mentality, and it sometimes is very hard to realize it’s working on you too.

  6. Hello Ms. Pat! I used to have this fear too, it used to manifest before in my obsession with LE Havaianas pairs (got carried away by the hype, they’re admittedly expensive for slippers and not as durable as others make them out to be, although I still enjoy my pairs. Thankfully I have enough to last me a long, long time). Then it manifested in makeup and nail polish. But like others said, it doesn’t take long before a new and better something comes up and steals the show. For example, UD Naked.. now there are so many iterations of nude palettes, it’s so hard to decide on one (I personally love my Lorac Pro 1, it is loads more usable to me than UD Naked 1 which I gave away to my sister).

    Nars Audacious is permanent if I’m not mistaken, so it should be restocked at some point hehe. I personally like Jane, Charlotte and Annabella. Cannot get all three though, I am just a lowly chemist working for the government with expensive taste. Not exactly the best combination lol.

  7. Because so many beautiful things are coming out during the holidays, I can’t decide which ones to get. When I finally think it over, sold out na! Haay…Pag holiday release parang bawal na mag isip.

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