Other Pilot Pens That I Use

I am a self-confessed Pilot addict, and I’ve already showed you my Pilot fountain pen collection (here) and my Pilot brush pen (here). I actually have more Pilot pens other than that, and I wanted to highlight them today.


From top to bottom, these pens are the Pilot BP-S Fine, Pilot Coleto 3-ink Barrel, and Pilot Juice 0.5. These are mostly everyday pens and find use in my daily routines. The Pilot BP-S are typical office ballpens, and in fact are the ones that my office used to give out to new employees (they switched to another brand lately, boo). These are workhorses, and are pretty reliable. I have all three of the basic colors (blue, red, and black) and are stocked in my desk for easy access. Pilot BP-S pens are available in most bookstores. The Pilot Coleto is a multipen system and you can customize the colors of the ink. Barrels can be 3- or 4-slot ones, and mine is just a basic 3-slot one that I bought at National Bookstore along with a selection of ink colors. These are great with my traveler’s notebooks since I can just grab one of these and they’d have multiple colors already. Lastly, the Pilot Juice is a gel pen with a clicker mechanism, and writes quite smoothly and nicely. I use this for color-coding, highlighting, and general doodling for my planner and/or journal.



In terms of nib sizes, the Pilot Juice and Coleto inks come in different sizes. My Juice is in 0.5, but I’ve seen some that’s a finer 0.38. Coleto inks come in 0.3 (mine), 0.4, and 0.5 as far as I know, or at least the ones available in National Bookstore. The BP-S is just a standard ballpen and does not come in different line widths.



Here’s my writing sample. The Juice and the BP-S have approximately the same line width, so they’re probably both 0.5. The Coleto is noticeably finer at 0.3, which I absolutely love.

There you go! Just a short post sharing my other Pilot loves!

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