Nails: My take on emerald

It’s said that Emerald Green is the Pantone color of 2013. I thought that putting it on my nails is a great way to celebrate it. I found this new brand of polish in Watsons for only Php20, by far the cheapest polish I’ve seen. Let’s see if it’s any good.


It didn’t exactly have a color name, so I’ll just say it’s emerald green. I used again my Caronia base and top coats.


I used two coats here. It’s a little streaky, but putting two coats seem to have fixed it. Adding the top coat made it a bit glossier.


Here’s another view. Not a bad shade of green, I think. As to the Sassy brand of polish, the quality of polish mostly reflects its price. It’s very streaky, and the consistency is a bit runny. The brush is acceptable. The bottle is small. It chipped pretty fast though, even with the Caronia top coat. After only a day it showed signs of wear.

Will I buy Sassy again? Possibly. The price is hard to beat, and I don’t really mind buying cheap stuff especially as I am still on the learning phase.

Review: Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream

I received a 5-ml sample of Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream (what a mouthful!) in my November BDJ Box. Here’s the product from my unboxing article:


Here’s a shot of the sample tube only:


The price of the full-sized 50-ml product is Php3100. It’s definitely a premium product (it’s Shiseido!), so I’m quite happy to be able to try out this product.

This is a day cream. I usually put this on after my Celeteque moisturizer (yes I have a separate dedicated moisturizer; can’t have too much moisturizer at my age), which effectively makes it a redundant product except for the happy fact that it has SPF15.


As you can see, I squirted out a little too much product in this shot. It looks like any day cream, and has a pleasant mild scent. I concentrate applying this product in the areas where I would most likely develop wrinkles: temples and forehead. I also put  more on my cheeks for the SPF effect.

After roughly only three weeks of use, I have to admit I don’t see any big difference with using just the moisturizer. It’s hard to tell, since I’m probably a little too young to use an anti-wrinkle product. On the other hand, maybe in the long run it does resist the development of wrinkles and I just had too short a time to see the effects.

Will I buy? Probably not yet. I plan to start seriously considering anti-aging products when I hit 40.

Review: Digital Traincase

I’ve been hearing a lot about Digital Traincase from various beauty bloggers as a great place to shop for hard-to-find beauty products. They specialize in products not usually released or sold in the Philippines, and they do so at a very fair price. I decided to try it out and catch their promo: buy Php1000 or more worth of products and get a Nyx Matte Lip Cream free.

Image courtesy of Digital Traincase Facebook Page

What I really wanted to get are the following: the much-praised Lucas Papaw ointment and Bioderma Sensibio makeup remover as well as a Swissco glass file (since I’ve started a serious hobby of nail coloring). Unfortunately DT was out of the Bioderma makeup remover at that time. I entered an order of one ointment (Php450) and one glass file (php300), but I only came up to Php750 which was not enough for me to score the free lip cream. I decided to throw in two Nyx eyeliners to round out my purchase and still be eligible for the freebie.

It was my first time trying out the Multiply shopping system. It was not a very difficult process, and I chose an over-the-counter payment option (BPI). Unfortunately as I ordered during the holiday season the lines at BPI were insane and it took me about half an hour to finish paying.

After two or three business days my package arrived. It came in the usual courier envelope, and inside are my orders wrapped tightly in a roll of bubble wrap. I also received the freebie (yay!) wrapped separately in another bubble wrap. Here are my orders:

L to R: Lucas Papaw Ointment, 2 Nyx Eye Pencils, green Swissco glass file
L to R: Lucas Papaw Ointment, 2 Nyx Eye Pencils, green Swissco glass file

And here’s the freebie I received: Nyx Matte Lip Cream


I aim to do a review on each of those products once I am able to use them thoroughly. Stay tuned!

My New Year nails

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to nail polish!

I wanted to have appropriate nails to welcome 2013 in. These are what I used:

Caronia Nail Hardener and Base Coat, Chic Nail Color in Blue Velvet, Chic Nail Color in Wish Upon a Star, Caronia Fast Dry Top Coat

Upgraded! I now have a base coat, again from Caronia.

I used the blue Chic nail polish first and checked if it is enough. This is how it looked like with just the blue polish:


It seemed nice and shiny, but somehow it didn’t look sparkly enough. I added the Chic glitters and here’s what came out:


Not bad! I like how sparkly it is, just right enough to welcome the new year in!

Have a fruitful and prosperous new year everyone!

Review: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

Another product review! I’m on a roll! XD

I got this 20-ml sample from my new best friend, Sample Room. It comes in a nice little blue tub that is probably reusable (great place to store earrings maybe!) once all the product is consumed. The full size of 80-ml is a fair Php 1250, which means this nice little tub costs around Php300 (pardon me, I really like playing around with numbers). Sample Room is really generous!

Check it out:


It’s a very classy container, and very sturdy. I must have dropped this several times, and I still see no signs of damage. Inside the tub I was surprised to see a blue fluid.


This fluid is made of magic! It glides on smoothly on the skin, and settles into a very thin mask that you will not feel after a few minutes. A little goes a long way with this, so no need to slather on a thick layer. I felt a slight sensation of tugging after the mask has settled on my face, which I thought was the fluid starting its work on my face. As the name suggests, this should be used at night just before sleeping. Come morning, you’ll feel your facial skin soft and supple.

This product has a scent that is not unpleasant. It reminds me of a combination of powder and some herby balm. I think it actually aids in a more peaceful sleep, as I find myself sleeping better at night with this moisturizer on.

Would I buy this once my sample runs out? I think it is a definite yes.

My Christmas nails

What better way to show my newfound enthusiasm for nails and nail polish than painting my own holiday themed nails! Here’s mine:


Sparkly! I used a nice girly pink Etude House nail polish for the base and Caronia glitters for the, well, glitters! Topped with Caronia top coat.


You can see the glitters much better in this picture:


I like that the top coat is really tough and protects the polish and glitters. It’s been four days since I painted these on, and it’s only just starting to chip at the base.

Merry christmas everyone!

Review: Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes

At this late an age, it might seem weird that I’ve only recently started experimenting with nail polish. I used to think that it’s a waste of time and effort (I probably had other things to do at that time), but now I see it as a way to release stress while expressing creativity. This is why it is great to see a nail product in my November BDJ Box. I received a full sized Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes, grape-scented. I tried it immediately after I got it, but for this review I waited until I was ready to remove the polish I got from a professional manicure service.

Check out this cute packaging. I am an anime fan, and anything that smacks of it is automatically a plus in my eyes. It’s also in this delicious grape scent that makes me want to taste it. (I didn’t. XD) I also like the fact that this is very reusable. I can see keeping small things (rings, erasers, flash disks) in this after I consume all the wipes.


Opening the container, you’ll see the 35 wipes all in one stack that is almost the same size as the container. This is unfortunate, because it makes it a little difficult to get only a single sheet. More often than not I end up getting a second sheet when I only wanted one.


Let me show you my nail polish. I got this done at Pacific Nails in Makati, a pretty nice nail salon. This is the fifth day I’m wearing the polish, and it only just started showing wear and tear. This is the state of my polish before I used the Yuka Wipes.


I used a wipe on my index nail, using one swipe only. It seems that I have a pretty strong top coat, as it barely dented the polish.


It took about three or four swipes before I got all the polish off.


Here’s the polish from my index nail on the wipe.


I used a total of two and a half wipes to get all the polish off ten nails. I could have used less, but the product dries up fast from the wipes and I didn’t realize it soon enough.


In conclusion, this seems to be a good product. Php68 for 35 wipes comes to almost 2 pesos per wipe which does seem a bit expensive for a nail polish remover. If you take into consideration the nice recyclable packaging and the convenience of the wipes, I’d say that is a 68 pesos well spent especially if you regularly use nail polish. Just take note that the product evaporates fast, so keep your container closed and work fast with the wipe you’re using.

Review: Calvin Klein Beauty

I’ve been using the Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum sample ever since I received my first BDJ Box. Here’s the picture of the sample from the unboxing post:


Here’s a better close up shot of that tiny sample:


This is a 1.2-ml sample held in a glass tube with a plastic spray nozzle. It has no cover, therefore it’s very prone to accidentally dispensing product if not stored securely inside a bag. Its full size of 100ml costs a little under Php 5k.

Prior to trying out CK Beauty, I’ve been mostly using body sprays from Victoria Secret. I’m quite used to 2-3 sprays of product at a time, since body sprays are very diluted and the scents are not that strong. CK Beauty, though, is a much more concentrated scent. One spray from the bottle is more than enough, and lingers for a longer time compared to body sprays. It’s a pleasant, fruity scent that’s not offensive (as long as you stay to one spray!).

The cost of the full size bottle is definitely beyond my means. I’m very thankful to have received the sample through BDJ Box so that I could get to try this out.

Review: Benefit Porefessional

Time for my first product review! In this post I will review the Benefit Porefessional sample I received from Sample Room.

First let me refresh you on what sample I am talking about.


This tiny tube contains a lot of power, I tell you. Benefit Porefessional is basically a face primer, meant to go under makeup to even out the pores and make them appear smaller. The product looks like this out of the tube.


The box of the sample reminds you to first moisturize before applying the product. After moisturizing, apply the product on the problem areas where the pores are. In my case, my pores are concentrated on the cheeks right below the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. Here is the problem area I am talking about. (Face moisturized already) Notice the big pores on the nose.


Here is where only the Benefit Porefessional is applied. There is a distinct reduction in the appearance of pore size.


Finally here is where the rest of the makeup is applied over the Benefit Porefessional. Note that there is a distinct reduction in the appearance of pore size.


It feels great on the skin. It doesn’t make me feel that I have anything heavy on my face, and in addition the product turns very powdery upon application. I can definitely see this becoming part of my routine, especially since I am very conscious of my pores. The price is a little steep though, at Php1600 for the full size (22 ml).

Unboxing my first sample from SampleRoom

One of the recent interesting things going around the beauty blogging sphere is this thing called Sample Room. It’s a site where you get to try beauty products through free samples. The mechanism here is very simple: upon signing up you are given 100 points with which you can claim samples for certain amounts of points each. You pay a minimal amount for shipping, then you receive your sample straight at your home. You try out this sample, then go back to Sample Room, write a review for the product you tried, then you get your points back! As a bonus, you get extra points for writing a review! The aim of course is to make Sample Room a review hub for beauty products.

I signed up shortly after Sample Room went live. Unfortunately there must have been hundreds of other girls who are waiting for that moment, and I ran out of samples to try in the first round of samples. Fortunately, a few days later Sample Room restocked and I was able to score a Benefit Porefessional sample. It was a breeze to go through the check out process. Unfortunately, I chose GCash as a method of payment, which meant I had to pay an extra Php20 on top of the Php100 delivery fee all because I paid through a GCash outlet. Perhaps I will try to use GCash through my phone instead next time. Or use Paypal.

On to the actual unboxing!

I ordered and paid last December 7, and the package arrived December 10! They are pretty fast! It came wrapped in the blue XSEND envelope, and inside is a brown paper bag with the Sample Room sticker seal.


Inside is the Porefessional sample, which came in a very attractive box.


Opening it up, I finally see the tiny tube of Porefessional nestled inside, with nice illustrations on how to apply it.


Here’s the actual tube alone.


To show you how tiny this tube is, I put it beside a standard gel pen. It is after all just a sample.


There you have it! I will have a separate post for the review of the product itself.