Pilot Fountain Pens for Beginners

This post is actually just a disguise to show you my Pilot fountain pen collection, but it can also be a nice guide to the beginner fountain pen line for Pilot. The only low-end Pilot FP that I don’t have yet is the Pilot Varsity (disposable FP). Anyway! Here are my pens, in the order that I acquired them (from top to bottom).


My first Pilot FP is a Pilot Plumix. I bought this second hand from Eula, but it writes and looks as new. It is the only pen I have that has an italic nib, which is great for practicing calligraphy but not as great to use everyday. I have not seen this being sold in any mall stores, but there are IG sellers that can get these for you. Actually, most of these are not sold in mall stores. My second Pilot is a Pilot Kakuno, touted as the beginner fountain pen for kids because of the quirky nib (see nib photos below). I got this off a group buy by Tintin Pantoja, but I’m not sure if she still does those. This and the three other pens below are all in nib size F. I like the quirky nib, but it’s a little hard to write with because of the shape of the section which is hexagonal.


My third Pilot is a Pilot Prera. I bought this through preorder from PenmasterPH on IG. This is my most expensive Pilot (at about Php1.6k) and is possibly my favorite among the five. I really like the clear body and the nib is fabulous. My fourth Pilot is a Pilot Petit1 which I got at Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe (Tomas Morato), which happened to have a bin of CreatecraftsPH items. This is the tiniest of the Pilot FPs at only 11cm long which makes it pretty unique and quite portable. The only disadvantage of this pen size is that it does not use the standard cartridges but instead has its own special refills. The Petit1 is also the cheapest, clocking in at an astounding Php150! Lastly, my most recent acquisition is the Pilot Metropolitan. This is the only pen of the five that can be bought in a mall; I got this one from National Bookstore for something like Php480. The Metropolitan is the longest and heaviest of these pens. As it writes very similarly to the Prera, this is now my second favorite FP.


Here’s a shot of the nibs of all five. Unfortunately I arranged it in the opposite order, but basically the leftmost nib is the Metropolitan and the rightmost is the Plumix. Again, all nibs except the Plumix is fine <F>. Check out the quirky smiley face on the Kakuno’s nib (second to the right)! Also, the Metropolitan’s nib has a nice pattern, while the rest of them are plain.


Here’s a writing sample of four of the five pens (unfortunately the Kakuno is dry at the time of this writing). I really enjoy writing with fine nibs, and the Prera and Metropolitan are both nice on the hand even with prolonged writing. The Petit1, also with an F nib, seems to give a slightly fatter line but it’s still something I am comfortable using.


Here again is a shot of all five. I’m really happy with my current collection, and I’m quite surprised that I ended up with either blue or black pens (by the way, all of these pens have other color choices). When I bought the Metropolitan I felt that my collection is complete, and do not feel like I need any more Pilot FPs, except probably for the Pilot Capless aka Pilot Vanishing Point, which is unfortunately is in a price range outside of my comfort.

Have you used any of these pens? What do you think of them?

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  1. Hi! Pilot MR at P450?? I thought it was expensive! Which National Bookstore branch did you find yours? And, any idea where to buy Pilot Kakuno refill black cartridges? I was told that Pilot has specific cartridges per model. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mie! Yes it’s very affordable. I got mine at Greenbelt 1. I’m not sure where to get Pilot cartridges though, sorry! But Kakuno should be able to take the same cartridge as the MR/Metro.

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