Planner Layout Share: August 12-23 (Completed)

I’ve recently moved my planning to a new traveler’s notebook, my personal sized DIY White. Since it’s a different size than my previous planning system, I had to use a completely different layout. I moved into a free printable from Wendaful, a week-on-one-page-with-notes layout. I chose this because there aren’t a lot of free printables in the personal size traveler’s notebooks yet, and I love Wendaful’s layouts generally. For something a bit new, I’m sharing completed layouts for the last two weeks in this format.

Week 1 (August 12-16) was not quite a whole week, since I moved to this in the middle of the week. I kept my three stars to track my coffee intake. The biggest change is separating my task list and putting them on the gridded notes page on the right. I kept my events and appointments on the daily sections. I’m still getting used to this layout in this week so there’s not a lot of things written down yet on either the left or the right sides.


Towards the end of the week I acquired my second Coleto barrel and new ink colors for it, so I decided to go full color-coding on my tasks. To keep myself from being confused, I wrote down my code here.

Week 2 (August 17-23) was the first full week that I used in this layout. I have gotten more used to the layout and you can see that at a glance, the layout looks quite filled. The biggest change I made here is adding some bits of memory keeping in pink ink. I’m not entirely happy about how the left side looks like since it’s quite messy, so I’ll see how I can make it look more organized in the following weeks.


One of the things I like about this format is the fact that Saturday and Sunday have their own full sized space. I like having the same amount of space there since sometimes I have work on the weekends as well. I also like the grid page on the right. I really like having tick boxes to help me achieve my tasks for the day/week, but I don’t like that it’s not separated per day.

As per the personal size itself, I find that it’s the perfect size to fit my purse (which I intend to keep using). The size is really so much smaller than the regular size, and that still takes some time getting used to. I’m still not entirely convinced I’ll keep to this weekly layout, but I’m definitely enjoying the process of finding out the perfect one.

Are you a personal size TN user? What layouts do you use?

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