Planner Layout Share: August 3-16

Here are my layouts for this week and next week. I’m still using Homemadekraft’s weekly vertical. This week was a simple mint and gold layout, and I kept the background bare. I also tried out using Versamagic Night Sky for the stamping, and I love how it matches the theme a bit. The three stars stamped on the top box each day is my coffee tracker – I wanted to see how many cups I’m drinking on a daily basis, and having only three also forces me to not go past three cups per day.


Next week felt like a maroon or dark red kind of week. It’s really basically the exact same layout, but I used Versamagic Red Magic for the checkboxes and stars and Midnight Black for the To Do and Appointment. I also bought a new stamp set, a Sanrio square icons one, and used my pastels to stamp it all over the page.


Here’s a closer look at the layout. All these stamping really makes me want to collect all of the Versamagic colors, I feel like I still don’t have enough! πŸ˜€


At some point I’m planning to share photos of how a fully-filled week looks like, although I may have to blur some personal details. I’d like to show how I actually end up using all these boxes.


6 thoughts to “Planner Layout Share: August 3-16”

  1. I’d love to see a filled out layout. I find that I use my planner more for tracking rather than actual planning. That coffee tracking thing is a great idea. I am sure I go way beyond 3 cups if coffee today which is a bummer because I was able to cut out coffee when I was pregnant.
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    1. I’m really happy that I have not been “banned” from coffee because of diabetes, but I guess it’d still be healthy to dial it down a bit. Before I started tracking it, I probably reach 5 cups on the average. O_O

      I’ll post some filled out layouts soon! Thanks for the feedback Rae!

  2. Ditto with Rae on the filled up layout! I used to be addicted to planning but found my life a little too carefree to feel like I actually needed a daily planner. I have a monthly desk calendar which is more of an events reminder. If anything, I only want to track my period and spending.

    P.S. those stamps are adorable and your calligraphy is getting so much better!
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    1. Oooh thanks for the idea re: period and spending tracking. I have both but on separate books, so it might be a good idea to think of a way to incorporate it in my current system.

      PS Thank you! <3 I'll post the filled out layout soon!

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