Planner Layout Share: July 27-August 2 plus August Monthly

Welcome to a new series on the blog called Planner Layout Share where I show you how I decorated my weekly layouts. This first installment will also have a bonus monthly layout share as well! Let’s get on with it!

I’ve been using Homemadekraft’s free vertical weekly layout for the past couple of weeks and I found that I’m really liking how it’s laid out. I can design what sections I want per day, and I can even put background decorations on the columns themselves as you’ll see in this week’s layout. The idea is using my clear stamps to decorate the page as well as labeling the sections, then adding the washi tape to round out the design. This week the theme is red with pastel butterflies and birds.


Here is a closer look at the design. You can see the butterflies and birds more clearly here, and I added the plants on the bottom to round out the design. I used the two clear stamp sets shown above, plus the Studio L2E Plan-It set for the words (To Do, Appointment), the stars, and the boxes. Another thing to note is that I printed some carefully measured matte stickers to cover up the calendar in the original freebie, since that was still for June 2015, and use that space for an inspiring message for myself for the week.


The pink stamp ink I used for the birds and butterflies turned out to be too faint to photograph, but in person it’s pretty visible. This ink is part of the Pastel Versamagic chalk ink set which I really love to use for backgrounds like this.

Since it’s the last week of July, I needed the August monthly calendar ready to use. I turned to Homemadekraft once again, and found this lovely free undated monthly layout that I did not really need to decorate anymore since it already comes decorated.


I just wrote the month and year with brush pens and the dates with a regular black marker. The color scheme looks really lovely and girly. August, I’m ready for you!

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    1. Hi Kristy! This is my coffee tracker. I’m still looking for a better stamp but for now stars it is! 😀 Thanks for visiting!

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