Planner Layout Share: October

For most of the month of October, I had been using a sort of vertical-two-days-per-page layout in a passport sized insert. This is in preparation for my plan to do a day-per-page layout for November, which is to see if I will be able to work with a Hobonichi as a planner for 2016. I was able to use October as a way to iron out my simple planning system to make it more streamlined and cohesive.


I used slim washi tape to separate the days on each page, and stamped out three coffee cups on the bottom to track my coffee intake as per my usual. I have my general color coding at work here (using Pilot Coleto pens). This first spread is the first week, and since I started on a weird day I ended up having to split the last column for Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t very happy with that, and decided to just dedicate a whole column for each of the weekends. If I get empty spaces at the ends of each column at the end of each day, I decorate it with stickers, more washi tape, and brush calligraphy.


This is the first half of the second week. Things seem to be going as planned in terms of my task management style, color coding, and post-planning decorations.


As I was doing one day per column, the weekend spread has an extra empty column after Sunday. I use this for general note taking and brain dump area. Here I also started experimenting with some cute Halloween sticky notes and page flags that I bought. I glued them directly to the page.

Here are the rest of the rest of the pages for the month. I really liked the ghost page flags a lot, but after a while I realized that they weren’t really showing much because they were the color of the page (which is maybe the point of ghosts?). I still felt pretty cluttered here, and decided to really go bare for the first two weeks of November (no decorations; no washi tape; no stamping).

I’m currently a few days into the day-per-page system without decorations, and I am enjoying it so far! I do feel the urge to fill up the remaining empty spaces after each day ends, but I am learning to accept that blank space is okay.

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