Planner Picks for 2016

Mid-November is a good time to decide which planner I am using for 2016, and I think most people are also making their own picks. I want to share mine to give my readers some ideas for their own choices.

For daily planning: Hobonichi A6

Image credits: Hobonichi official store
Image credits: Hobonichi official store

As seen by my back to basics planning challenge, I am doing quite well with the day-per-page format of planning. This convinces me that investing in a Hobonichi A6 is not a bad idea, and it will definitely not go to waste as this kind of planning works for me. A Hobonichi A6 planner goes for about Php1.8k at Scribe Writing Essentials. Definitely not an easy decision, but I really wanted to try out the system and the fabled paper quality and I have made enough research to justify the expense.

For blog planning: Traveler’s notebook – my own layout, or a monthly layout with notes pages


My current layout with my blog planner seems to work well for me. I have enough space to plan until January 2016 in my current insert. I might just continue with the same format which is not a bad idea since I have a lot of unlined inserts stocked. Or I could go with a monthly planner that has some weekly pages in between, or better yet, one that has notes pages in between months. I think there are quite a bit of options for this, and some might even be free!

For daily gratitude journaling: BDJ Petit Planner


I really liked how the Petit Planner is very similar to how the Hobonichi looks. The weekly layout gives just enough space for a daily gratitude list, which is something I wanted to try doing and 2016 seemed like a good place to start.

Runners up: CBTL Giving Journal, Filed Scribble or Doodle Planner, Midori Pouch Planner, Leuchtturm Planner

These planners are all on my wishlist for some time, and each of them have their own strengths. I will probably not get any of them (well, maybe one or two? haha) since to be honest the day-per-page system of the Hobonichi should be enough for my daily needs.

Which planner/s are you using for 2016?

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