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A lot of people are asking about how I set up my planner-wallet, and I would usually just direct them to my previous post about using the Midori passport as my wallet. I have to admit though that I am no longer using the Midori passport for that, as I have moved into my Macata TN (by CN Papercrafts) passport. This TN is a lot wider than the Midori one, which means I can stuff a lot more things in it.


This is what I lug around with me everywhere these days. She is super chunky, but I like the fact that I have everything I need in there. The setup is very similar to the old one, but with one crucial addition. Let me show you what I have in here.


The first insert is of course the Midori Refill 004, the zip pocket with some card slots, and this is the first half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata TN. The zip pocket holds my cash, and I have a couple of cards in the card slots.


The second insert is the felt card holder from Alunsina, which I turned around so that I would still have the four card slots that are facing each other. The Alunsina felt card holder is the second half of what is inserted in the first elastic of the Macata. In here I have my credit cards (the ones covered with washi samplers) and my most used membership cards.


The Alunsina felt card holder is wrapped around what is the newest and most crucial addition to my planner-wallet: the Blank and Write 10-slot card holder. It is a Field Notes sized plastic holder that can hold, well, 10 cards (or more if you stuff it). This is very crucial since it really allows my planner-wallet to hold all the possible cards I will need on the go. I have in here my health cards, gym card, driver’s licence, and the rest of my often-used membership cards. As you can see, it’s taller than the actual size of the passport (Field Notes size is 0.5 inches taller than passport size) so there is some warping evident at the top of the card holder. The card holder is also narrow, which is actually great since it allows me to attach a penholder and actually securely hold my favorite Coleto.

Where did I get this awesome card holder? I bought it from Justin of Blank and Write, and shipped it all the way from Singapore! Get your own here: Blank and Write.


The back of the Alunsina felt card holder is the other two slots, which hold the last of my membership cards. You can also see the planner half of the planner-wallet, which is inserted in the second elastic of the Macata TN.


That yellow thing is of course my kraft folder from the Planners and Journals May Planner Kit, and this front part holds my doctor’s prescriptions, a portable magnifier, and several paperclips. The meat of the planner comes next, which is an unlined passport size insert that I personally made. For kicks I attached a hilarious photo of my daughter when she was just a baby on the cover.


The first thing you’ll see in the planner insert is a hand-drawn monthly layout for October. Here I only put my events and deadlines.


For my weekly layouts I basically just divide each page into four and each day is assigned to each quadrant. This is my task manager, where I list down the tasks I need to accomplish per day. As you can see, some days are pretty full while it is evident when I am not too busy.


Here is what a blank week looks like. I actually needed to rearrange the placement of the days, such that Monday to Thursday are all on the top row while Friday to Sunday and the notes box are at the bottom. I think it makes much more sense this way compared to the previous photo. The space for each day is really small, to be honest, and does not give a lot of room for any decoration.


The last two page spreads in my planner insert holds a bunch of sticky notes. At the very last page I tipped in my wishlist so I can bring it everywhere my wallet goes, which I think really helps me avoid unnecessary and unplanned purchases.

plannerwalletblue12 plannerwalletblue13

Lastly we have the back half of the PnJ kraft folder, which holds a plastic flexible ruler (with some page flags on it), some miscellaneous paper and coupons, and a few more paperclips.


When the planner-wallet is closed, it measures about 4 cm (~1.5 inches) in thickness. It can probably fit one more folder or notebook without causing any overhang. I’m really pleased with this setup right now, especially since having an unlined insert means I can also use the pages themselves to take notes with (as seen in my previous post about taking notes during a makeup workshop). The only things I am missing here are my planner decorations and my daily coffee tracker. I will probably still play around with the weekly layout to find my perfect setup, and might even dabble again into a page-per-day layout. I also feel that the passport size is not quite the correct size, given that both the Alunsina and the Blank and Write card holders are both Field Notes sized. I might switch into a field notes sized TN eventually.


I hope you enjoyed my current planner-wallet setup. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!


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