Planners and Journals May Planner Kit

Yes, I found yet another planner subscription service! Planners and Journals is an online store specializing in customized planner inserts for ringed planners (Filofax, Kikki K, Franklin Covey, etc) as well as fauxdoris (non-Midori traveler’s notebooks) and their refills. They have recently expanded to planner kits, and this May Planner Kit is their first. I was a little confused at first, because I was expecting to get my kit in May (as the name suggested), but apparently it was so named because it will give you the inserts you will use for the month of May! Naturally it arrived before May so that you have enough time to set up your planner with the included stuff.


My kit arrived in this nice kraft box, with a twine and a thank you tag. I have a very good idea of what was going to be included, because they released the list of contents on their facebook page. The only surprise I had was what form my refills were going to be, since I had a traveler’s notebook instead of a ringed planner; the inserts they previewed were for a ringed planner.


What greeted me upon opening the box was a pretty lengthy welcome letter personally signed by Summer. Here are the rest of the contents, in order of my favorites.

pnjmaykit03The stars of the show are of course the refills. I received two unlined refills that are perfectly sized for my passport-sized Midori, along with a pocket insert. The pack also came with two cardstock samples, one of which is the same cover as one of the refills. All three of these were installed immediately in my notebook.


The one with the adorable fox face became my first refill, and is my brain dump notebook for the month of May and beyond.


The pocket insert went around my week-on-two-pages planner, which is the second book in my Midori. The polka dot refill is the third book.


It serves as my #listersgottalist book for May (and maybe June too since there’s a lot of pages in there).

Ink test
Ink test

The paper quality is good enough that there’s barely any showthrough for fountain pens and even fine markers.


This set of postcard and bookmark is by artist Frances Alvarez. I wasn’t sure if this fox charm came with the set, but it’s actually the fox charm that I really like (although I also like this postcard and bookmark, mind you!). The charm immediately joined its silver compatriots on my Midori.


My next favorite is this interesting self-inking stamp.


It’s an arrow with the phrase “current obsession” written on it. It’s a very cute and useful stamp, and the ink is pretty fast drying! Love this thing!


Next we have these two sheets of adorable woodland-themed stickers. The ones on the left are slightly puffed and looks to be made of PVC, while the ones on the right is paper. The biggest issue I have with these is that it’s too adorable to use, and I have no idea where to get more in case I run out!


This handmade tassel paperclip by #genndesigns has the exact same problem as the stickers. Too adorable to use! I’m pretty rough in handling my Midori so I’m not sure this beautiful clip will survive. Take a look at that cute little flower charm!


Lastly we have a memo pad with the same fox theme as one of the refills, which is made by @mapapel and a fox themed sticky notes to go with it.


Overall I really love how this kit turned out. I definitely think I got my money’s worth. Big kudos to the Planners and Journals team for the pioneer box, well done!

For more information such as pricing and schedule, please go to Planners and Journals Planner Kit Information. For reference, I paid a total of Php730 for my kit which includes the shipping fee.

3 thoughts to “Planners and Journals May Planner Kit”

    1. It was definitely a risk since both of my planner subs are new boxes, and in addition most of these are handmade. On the other hand, isn’t that the point of subscription boxes? 😛 I’d love to see other types as well such as pet care boxes (with six pets I’m sure I can’t go wrong) and even men-centered boxes (for the husband) and kid-centered boxes (for the daughter). The possibilities are endless!

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