Planners and Journals November Planner Kit

The end of every month is always an exciting time, for it is the time when the Planners and Journals Planner Kits arrive! I signed up for the November kit, which has a flamingo theme. Pink-and-green, oh yes!


The Planner Kit arrived in its usual glassine bag, which is inside its usual kraft box. Here are all the contents! Doesn’t it look amazing?


The usuals of the Planner Kit (cardstock, journal cards, and inserts) look really scrumptious. I’m not really a huge fan of flamingos to be honest, but florals, pink, and green are themes that I generally like. In addition to this, Planners and Journals has included a Simbalion Watercolor set! I’ve heard some very nice feedback about Simbalion watercolors, and was pretty excited to try it out. There’s also a set of cute postcard-sized art designed by @lagartixashop that you can color in with the watercolors.


Another thing that excited me was this hand-carved flamingo stamp. It is made by @craftavenueph, and looks really nice and sturdy.


We also get another set of glossy stickers designed by @theworldoffraffee in matching theme. My favorites are the hex stickers!


Finally we have this really cute button paperclip with a flamingo head. It is made by @iprints, and the paperclip is really nice and sturdy!


There we have it! I really love November’s kit, and I’m so far enjoying the watercolor experience!

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