Planners and Journals October Planner Kit

After sadly missing two months, I’m finally back to subscribing to the Planners and Journals Planner Kit! This one is the October kit and the theme is Bonjour! That’s right, the theme is very Parisienne and that is because this month’s guest artist, Cynthia Renard, also known as @lovecynthia on Instagram, contributed the artwork. Here’s a quick sneak peek:


As per usual, each Planner Kit comes in a brown kraft box which I absolutely love because I have tons of uses for it afterwards. Inside the box is the neatly packaged paper bag that holds all the contents.


Let’s see what we got! In the order of my favorites, first we have the one that sparked my interest. These are called wood veneers, which basically are bits of wood carved into cute shapes. These are usually for scrapbooking. These particular wood veneers seem quite thick and sturdy, which may not necessarily work with actual scrapbooking. I’m planning to turn them into paperclips or maybe planner charms, as soon as I find out which adhesives to use. My favorite among these is of course the coffee cup! By the way, these wood veneers are made by @windelwoodcraft.


My next favorite is actually this tassel. It’s not really an exceptional looking tassel, but I like the story behind it. These tassels are made by @tali_ti_amianan, a company that provides livelihood and sustainability to the local surfers, women, and elderly in La Union. Their work includes bracelets, woodwork, and metalwork. This tassel is now adorning one of my TNs.


My next favorite would have to be these cute ephemera and journal cards made by the Planners and Journals team. I always enjoy ephemera, which I normally turn into stickers. I might turn some of these into paperclips or even planner charms! The journal cards are always a welcome addition to my stash!

pnjoct05 pnjoct07

I also like this cute little Cynthia doll made by Old Balara Livelihood Program. It’s just a simple pillow but it fits the overall theme quite well. My doll is now sitting on my office desk.


Planner stickers! How can I forget planner stickers? These ones are made by @theworldoffraffee, and these ones are glossy. I can’t wait to use them in my planner!


The other things items in the kit are the usuals from the Planners and Journals team. The cardstock are always a welcome addition, and I can always find uses for them. The inserts are definitely going to come in useful, especially since PnJ’s paper is quite topnotch. I really love the one with the Cynthia girl character, and the insides are a wonderful combination of a week-on-two-pages and a day-on-a-page layout! I might hoard this for a special month!

pnjoct09 pnjoct10 pnjoct11

Did you love this month’s kit as much as I do? I’m really happy with it, and I am excited to play around with my goodies! I subscribe to a trial kit (1 month) for regular size traveler’s notebooks and paid Php700. They have other kits for ringed planners but I’m not sure how much those cost. Interested in getting your own next month? Check out Planners and Journals at their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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