Planners and Journals Pocket Sized Traveler’s Notebook

The latest addition to my collection is a new traveler’s notebook by Planners and Journals. They have recently started offering new sizes beyond their standard and passport sizes, and of course I had to try their field notes size (which, incidentally, I will be calling “pocket size” from now on, due to possible copyright issues).

I had won a free trial month subscription to their planner box at the Planner Party I attended last October. When Summer of PnJ learned I was moving away from the standard size, she offered to send me a pocket sized TN instead of the December planner box if I so wished, which of course I did. The TN had arrived over the weekend, and here she is.


The most striking thing about this TN is how similar it outwardly looks to a brown Midori. The way that the leather looks and feels, and the way that the inner elastics are stringed are quite Midori-like. The difference is in the lack of the metal clasp for the inner elastics, the lack of slits on the spine, and the enclosing elastic originating from the spine instead of the back.


The leather is surprisingly thick, and I think this is a new type of leather that Planners and Journals started using. I am a huge fan of this leather! It smells fantastic and feels squishy.


The cover when spread out looks like this. As you can see there are a lot of striations and microfolds in the leather, which I think is a natural feature. The elastic used is nice and thick.


The inside of the leather has this really rough, felt-like feel to it. It sheds, which might bother some people. I like it though, and it doesn’t bother me at all.


The TN came with a couple of pocket notebooks, which I’m excited about since I know how good the paper that PnJ uses. Both are blank, and covered with thick kraft paper.


I immediately moved into it, and it will be my wallet for the near future. I feel that it fits the function quite well and it feels and looks very classy. I put my favorite wallet charm on the spine elastic.


My wallet inserts remain the same: a Midori Refill 004, the zip pocket holding my cash, and the card holders for, well, my cards; an Alunsina felt card holder, again for more cards; and a Blank and Write card holder for even more cards. As you can see, there’s enough width to hold more inserts without overhang.

Take note of the thickness of the leather. It’s about 2-3mm which I quite like, yet it remains squishy but not floppy. My type of leather, most definely!

As I got this as a prize, I have no idea how much this would cost, and PnJ does not yet have pricing. Do watch their Instagram feed for updates!

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