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A few weeks ago I previewed the Hobonichi Weeks which I got secondhand from a local planner group. I got this on the 4th of April, and immediately moved into it the next day, so I have already been using it for about a month and a half now. Let me show you how I’ve been using it for the month of April.


The monthly view is mainly used for tracking appointments. This gives me a good view of the whole month and immediately see where I have some free spots for setting more appointments or events. I also use this month to track my no-spend, where I put a translucent circle sticker for the days I did not buy things on my no-spend list, and list what I bought if I failed. April had been a sad month for that, with a lot of days of weakness. The bottom area of the page is used to track monthly goals or reminders, as well as a very short wishlist.


Most of the weekly views will be the same. The horizontal days on the left page are used to track appointments and major reminders, and I use the right page/grid notes page for my to-do lists. I put each day’s to-do list roughly in the corresponding horizontal area as the days on the left. If my lists are running too long, I make a second column and go from there. I rarely go beyond the twelve slots for each day.


Sometimes I use sticky notes for lists that are not part of the to-do list. The idea being I can remove this list later on if I so choose.


I also use the notes page for keeping track of some events that I want to remember. To distinguish between my to-do list items and the memory keeping, I use check boxes for the to-do list and tiny circles for events.


I have also started using highlighters to mark unfinished items that need to be transferred to the next week’s lists. This makes it easier for me to spot unfinished items when I do my week’s initial planning on Mondays. I also do use correction tape if I make mistakes.

Overall I’m quite pleased with my current planning system with the Hobonichi Weeks. The fact that the Weeks is super light actually makes it easier for me to keep it in my purse, and I am able to refer to it at times. It helps that I have a lot of extra pages to play with, so I can keep notes and other lists with me as well. The only thing I may have some issues with is the fact that I am using only one color of pen, and this is only because I am choosing to use a fountain pen instead of the Pilot Coleto to do my planning. It is a trade-off I’m willing to take for now.


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