Another shop that I had been considering to purchase from late last year was ShopJot, a Canada-based Etsy shop. I really really wanted to get their CoffeeJot, and my chance came when they were holding a Black Friday deal. Initially there was a problem in my placing an order because the shop was showing that they don’t ship to the Philippines. After a quick inquiry to the owner, the problem was fixed and I happily placed my order.


I got two pocket sized traveler’s notebook (plus a few charms). The CoffeeJot is a TN made of printed vinyl, and has been the one on my wishlist for sometime. To make the shipping fee more palatable, I threw in a red leather TN as well. The CoffeeJot came out a little bit wider than the red one, but both came with four inner elastics and a black outer elastic.


As you can see here, the plastic coating of the CoffeeJot had started getting bubbles and the “waist” shows a bit of denting where the outside elastic goes. This does bother me a little bit, but I really like the magnificent print on the vinyl. Unfortunately, this particular TN is no longer available on the shop.


The red leather TN is beautiful, with a very smooth finish on the outside. It does not show scratches but does show the same “waist” problem as the CoffeeJot.


Here’s a comparison of the insides of the TNs. There is generous space on the ends to prevent any overhang, and both can probably hold more inserts than the three here.



ShopJot offers a lot of vegan (vinyl) and leather options, and different sizes of TN. They have also begun to offer painted TNs, which looks really pretty. Here is their Etsy link again, in case you’re interested in getting your own, or you can also check out their Instagram.

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