Recent Brush Pen Favorites

Since my last post on brush calligraphy, I have expanded my brush pen collection. Here are the ones I reach for the most recently.


From top to bottom: Monami Brush Pen (refill only), Daiso Refillable Brush Pen, Zebra Brush Pen Super Fine, Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, Pentel Touch Brush Pen. The last three were bought from Dolces Online and the Daiso from, well, Daiso. Unfortunately I have forgotten where I bought the Monami Brush Pen (I got a set of ten, different colors).


The tips of the pens are mostly on the fine/super fine range, except for the Daiso brush pen which I’d categorize as broad. All of them except again for Daiso are on the stiff side.


Here’s a writing sample of all five, on a Rhodia N11 pad. If I were asked, I’d say that my favorite would be a toss up between the Zebra and the Tombow brush pens. They have just the right amount of stiffness that gives a good line variation without a lot of effort, and are simply a joy to write with.

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