Red Macata TN in Pocket Size

The Macata TN is still one of my favorite faux leather TNs, and I had really wanted to get a red one in pocket size. For some time the red faux leather was not available, but over the recent holidays it had restocked and I immediately ordered one. It arrived in the usual package, but with a cute little charm that is actually a functional TN in itself!


The material is as always the type of faux leather that I like. It’s stiff and holds its shape quite well. The shade of red is really strikingly bright, which is exactly what I want. It came with a strip of leather strung on the outside elastic, which in this instance I kept. I did swap out the red elastic for a black one, for contrast and visual interest, and also that black-and-red is one of my favorite color combinations.


As with all Macata TNs, this one has been made a little wide. It comfortably fits all the pocket inserts that I am currently using.


As you can see here, there’s actually space for maybe one or two more inserts.


The inside of the faux leather is still that smooth felt-like material, which is unfortunately prone to picking up stray bits of paper. This version of Macata TN also has non-rounded corners, which is really not a big deal for me either way.


I’m really very pleased with this Red Macata, and is the one currently holding all my pocket inserts. My red TN collection is building up quite nicely!

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