Review: Avon Ultra Color Lipstick SPF15 in Hibiscus

I am very fickle in terms of lipstick. I easily fall in love with every new shade I get, and this one is no exception. I got this Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Hibiscus in my Avon Special Edition Glamourbox, and is included in my August favorites. I’ve shown you how it looks like before, but let me show it to you again.


It’s bigger than my usual lipstick bullets (definitely bigger than the Vitaluscious one), but still has the black-and-silver theme that Avon has.


The top of the bullet has a small viewing window so you can already see the shade of the lipstick. I find this very convenient, especially imagining if I have lots of UCLs of different shades.

The shade name and number is at the bottom.


There is probably the usual amount of product in this (4g) but I have already thrown away the wrapping and cannot verify. The brand is stamped on the lipstick itself, which is kind of cute. Check out how nice and glossy that pink is.


Here is the swatch on my arm, one layer on the left and two layers on the right. This lipstick is definitely buildable, and will come up to a nice deep rose with more layers.


And here it fares on my lips. My pasty looking lips now look plumper and less dry, and the shade is safe enough to wear to work. It of course would not survive eating or drinking, so I’ve taken to bringing this along in my vanity kit.


This lipstick can be bought from your trusted Avon Lady, for Php379. Avon is not cruelty-free.

Will I rebuy this? Probably not as they aren’t cruelty-free, but I will treasure this bullet as long as I have it.

Pros: awesome shade of pink; has SPF15; nondrying; reasonably priced

Cons: available only through Avon Ladies; not cruelty-free

8 thoughts to “Review: Avon Ultra Color Lipstick SPF15 in Hibiscus”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate you’re making the effort reviewing lipsticks. I am always thankful when I find pics and reviews online. Very helpful if I feel I cannot make a decision on my own. 😉
    I have plenty of lipsticks to review, too, and I think I’ll be starting this weekend. 🙂

    1. I love looking at lipstick reviews and swatches too! It’s very interesting to see how the exact same lipstick appears different on different people.

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