Review: Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer

Last June I was introduced to the brand Barenaturals by Glamourbox. They were kind enough to include two products, one I already reviewed (Vitaminstix) and one that is slowly becoming my HG primer. This primer is Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer, which I received in the June Glamourbox.


This primer comes with 30ml of product housed in a relatively plain looking white plastic pump bottle, with a really weird cap. The pump itself is great as it dispenses just the right amount of product for my whole face (well, the parts with the pores). The bottle itself though gives quite a poor impression, as it feels cheap and not sturdy at all.

bnspprimer03 bnspprimer04

On the other hand, the product itself is something else! This primer is a little runnier than the other two primers I’ve tried (Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser and Benefit Porefessional), but I dare say that it performs better. The most telling difference is how it reacts (or put it in another way, how it doesn’t) with my skin. I have an annoyingly sensitive skin, and will get itchy at the slightest hint. A worse response would be to break out in acne or hives. What I like about BN’s primer is that not only does it not make my skin flare out, but it actually provides a layer that keeps me from breaking out on the non-sensitive skin-friendly products! How awesome is that?!

bnspprimer05 bnspprimer06

This is how one pump of product looks. There is actually a lot of it, but I have really obvious pores on both cheeks, on my nose, and a bit on the sides of my eyebrows. For users with less pores than me, perhaps half a pump will do.

Without primer
With primer

This is how it looks like when applied on my pores, compared to bare skin. Please note that prior to application, I have applied some skin care on my face (Celeteque Hydration Moisturizing Mist and Celeteque Brightening Tri-Benefit Power Cream). It is not really very obvious since the product is watery, unlike how the Maybelline Pore Eraser or Benefit Porefessional works which is to blur the pores already upon application. However once you put on foundation or BB cream (TCfS BB Cream in this case) you can see that it really provides an even surface for it to work on.


Pros: very sensitive skin friendly; affordable; expiry date clearly stated

Cons: cheap-looking packaging; available only online

What is your favorite face primer?

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