Review: Benefit Porefessional

Time for my first product review! In this post I will review the Benefit Porefessional sample I received from Sample Room.

First let me refresh you on what sample I am talking about.


This tiny tube contains a lot of power, I tell you. Benefit Porefessional is basically a face primer, meant to go under makeup to even out the pores and make them appear smaller. The product looks like this out of the tube.


The box of the sample reminds you to first moisturize before applying the product. After moisturizing, apply the product on the problem areas where the pores are. In my case, my pores are concentrated on the cheeks right below the eyes and on the bridge of the nose. Here is the problem area I am talking about. (Face moisturized already) Notice the big pores on the nose.


Here is where only the Benefit Porefessional is applied. There is a distinct reduction in the appearance of pore size.


Finally here is where the rest of the makeup is applied over the Benefit Porefessional. Note that there is a distinct reduction in the appearance of pore size.


It feels great on the skin. It doesn’t make me feel that I have anything heavy on my face, and in addition the product turns very powdery upon application. I can definitely see this becoming part of my routine, especially since I am very conscious of my pores. The price is a little steep though, at Php1600 for the full size (22 ml).

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