Review: Blank and Write Card Holder

To be honest this review comes in too late. This is the Blank and Write 10-slot Card Holder that I am currently using to hold my cards in my planner wallet. I say it’s too late, because Justin’s supplier no longer makes these. I would still like to show you, in case you come across something like this in the wild.


It comes packaged like this. It appears that this is of a Japanese make.


Here is the back of the package.


Here is my card holder, now filled with 9 cards. I used some page flags to cover some personal information. A few more details regarding this card holder. This is about the height of a field notes-sized notebook, but narrower. To be exact, its dimensions when closed are 3.25×5.3″. I really like using this because it goes well with the idea of a planner wallet. I have shown this previously here.


It does not have the thinnest of profiles, considering it’s holding 9 cards. It does work for my purposes though!


While shooting these photos, I thought of trying it out as a stationery organizer. It fits most of my washi samplers, a few business cards, a small page flag set, and a cute little paperclip. I could not find small sticker sheets, but I think they would fit here as well.

Pros: great card holder for planner wallet system; can be used as stationery organizer; portable; fits FN sized traveler’s notebooks

Cons: no longer available!

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