Review: Canmake Cheek&Cheek in 07 Orange Bouquet

Finally, a product review after a long time! Today I will review the Canmake Cheek&Cheek blush in the shade [07] Orange Bouquet, which is my very first Canmake product. This was one of the things I bought at Bloggers United 7, which was held last May 10 at Metrotent in Ortigas. I bought it sealed, so I am quite assured of the pristine condition of this product.


Canmake Cheek&Cheek comes in a small clear plastic compact. The shade Orange Bouquet actually comes in two shades: a light peachy pink (left) and a true orange. Both are pretty much matte, with the pink one with the barest amount of shimmer. The cover has the iconic princess theme that is present in most Canmake products.


The back of the compact has the ingredient list in kana. The shade number is on the upper right, and according to Canmake’s website, 07 is Orange Bouquet. There is also a usage guide on where to swipe which side.


It also comes with a tiny blush brush, so technically you can just bring this compact without having to bring full sized brushes. As you can see, the brush is untouched as I prefer to use my regular blush brush.


Here’s the swatch on my arm. The left shade is the pink one and the right shade is the orange one. When mixed it leans more on the orange. You can also see a tiny bit of shimmer on the left shade.


Here is a shot of me wearing it (both shades). It looks very warm and bright here in the photo, but it’s more subdued in person. It lasted me most of the morning, but the orange part of it faded by lunch time. I am really digging this right now, and it’s very wearable even to the office. If I am feeling a little bit subdued I use just the left shade. Unfortunately I don’t know how much this costs retail, as I got this on sale.

Pros: portable; cute design; very pigmented

Cons: not very long lasting

Canmake Tokyo products are available online from Glamourbox and BDJ Box boutiques, as well as physically at Somera Glorietta 2.

9 thoughts to “Review: Canmake Cheek&Cheek in 07 Orange Bouquet”

  1. Ako naman interested with the cream blushes. Pero I’m not buying blushes for now. I only have around 5? and 2 of them are in a palette. So, wag na lang muna

    1. This is my very first canmake product and I’m already hooked! Maybe I’ll go and try my first cream blush with them too. 😀

  2. I love Canmake, they really have nice colors. I have the Fleur Blush in like 3shades an highlighter. Too cute. This one looks great on you. I also love their uber soft brushes but these are pricy.

    1. Thank you! 😀 I was horribly afraid it’ll turn out too orange, but my fears were unfounded. I can’t wait to try out other Canmake products!

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