Review: Color Collection Whitening BB Cream


As you may have gathered from my September Favorites, Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream is performing quite well for me. Even though at the start I wasn’t too keen on this because of the “whitening” aspect, I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did.


This BB cream is part of the September BDJ box. It claims to have 8 skin benefits:

  1. whitens and brightens skin
  2. protects skin from ultra violet rays
  3. helps heal acne blemishes
  4. softens and hydrates dry skin
  5. promotes cell renewal
  6. reduces pigmentation
  7. retains moisture
  8. aids in improving skin elasticity


You can check out the list of ingredients here, as well as the instructions for application. I just realized that I haven’t been following the first step which is to shake well before use. I didn’t see any adverse results for not doing that though.


It comes in the standard tube with a spout which easily controls the amount of product dispensed. It has a thick consistency but spreads quite easily over skin. I’m lucky to get a shade that matches my skin quite well. It is just a bit lighter than the Revlon BB cream that I have which actually makes it perfect. Check out the swatch on my arm. The left side is a tiny amount of product and on the right is the blended swatch.


Here is how it looks on my face.

Bare face
After BB cream application
With the rest of the makeup on

Not bad, isn’t it? It survives pretty well throughout the day especially if you don’t sweat too much. It does still remain on the skin even if you do sweat; I’d say this is pretty long wearing. It hasn’t broken me out and believe me I’ve been abusing the hell out of this bb cream. It has a very faint smell which I associate with cosmetics.

This BB cream is full sized at 40 ml and costs Php499. It can be bought from a Tupperware Brands dealer. I don’t have information on the animal testing policies of Tupperware Brands or Colour Collection.

Pros: reasonably priced; shade matches my skin tone; longwearing; sensitive skin friendly

Cons: available through dealers only

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    1. Unfortunately not. 🙁 I am hoping they do supermarkets or drugstores by the time I run out of mine. 🙁 The website does have a way to find dealers, I think.

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