Review: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Eyeshadow in Golden Veil + Life Update

Life Update

How are all of you, post-Glenda? I’m very lucky in that, aside from the metro-wide blackout, my family has been mostly unaffected. The tree in front of my house got uprooted and almost hit my car. With the help of some neighbors we were able to upright it back in place, with some rope. I was able to spend a lot of extra time with my daughter since she had no school for almost the entire week. I was also unable to blog because of a lot of work-related stuff, but hopefully I’ll get back in the groove soon!

On to the review!

I received this Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Eyeshadow in Golden Veil as part of the prize pack in The Beauty Junkee’s 5th Anniversary giveaway (I was also able to meet Martha!). It’s one of my most anticipated products in the pack, naturally as it is a neutral eyeshadow palette.


It is a round compact that is relatively large for a 4-shadow palette. It’s as big as the palm of my hand. I like the compact because even if it’s made of plastic, it feels durable and yet light. The finish though is not very good; it attracts a lot of dirt and fingerprints. It should be easy to clean with a damp cloth.


On the back you’ll see the compact name, Golden Veil, and that it contains 4 grams of product. It also indicates that it’s a product of Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc.


Upon opening you will be greeted by one of the highlights of this palette: the humongous mirror. It comprises the entire underneath of the lid! It’s a really good-sized mirror, and is one of the major reasons why I like bringing this compact around. You’ll also see the actual shadows themselves, which are housed in these tiny pans. It also comes with a double-sided brush, a foam applicator on one end and a shading brush on the other. I’ve never used this, preferring my full-sized brushes for eyeshadow application.


Here is a close up of the palette. I’ve labeled the shadows so that it’s easier to reference it with the swatches below.


1 is a highlight shade, a very light gold. It’s almost invisible against my skin without primer. 2 is a copper, the redness of which comes out pretty nicely with primer. 3 is a rose gold peachy shade which is quite similar to 2. 4 is a grayish brown, almost black especially with primer. The primer I used here is Artdeco Eyeshadow Base.

I really like the colors of this palette. As a bonus, 4 can be used for the brows! I’ve used that as eyebrow powder here, as well as 1 and 2 for the lids.


Here is a close up of the brows and the eye makeup. The shimmers don’t really translate well, which is definitely a good thing since it appears to be quite matte. This makes the palette very work-appropriate!


I don’t have information about Colour Collection’s stance on animal testing. I also could not find any price information about this specific product. For reference, their eyeshadow trios cost Php380 SRP (Php279 in their current brochure).

Pros: big mirror; darkest shade can be used for brows; great color combinations

Cons: needs primer for colors to pop; not easily accessible; no price information

Colour Collection can be bought from dealers, which you can find here.

21 thoughts to “Review: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Eyeshadow in Golden Veil + Life Update”

  1. Hmmm, ok. I think it’s about time I buy a serious primer. I have a non-pigmented eyeshadow palette , and those w/primer swatches are at least 3x more vibrant. Suggestions from the drugstore?

    1. It’s my HG so far. I’m currently also roadtesting the Etude House Proof10 primer, which I think is slightly less ok than the Artdeco one. I should put up a review!

    2. Three drugstore primers I have tried and liked: ELF Eyelid Primer, Essence I Love Stage E/S Base and NYX E/S base. (In Order!) 😀

    1. It is my HG so far. It works well with sensitive skin, hasn’t broken me out, and smells good! 🙂 And of course it works quite well as an eyeshadow primer!

  2. The shade selection is nice but like my gripe with the CC trios, I lament the uniformity of finishes. With my small flat eyes, I need at least one dark matte and a lid wash that isn’t too glimmery…

  3. It’s sad that it needs a primer to stand out. I like eyeshadows and I prefer very pigmented ones. But I still use primers so that it stays long. But if the shadow isn’t very pigmented alone, I skip it. :/

  4. The color combination is great but i was put off by the pigmentation. it can be a hassle to use primer sometimes just to make the colors pop up.

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