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I’ve been hearing a lot about Digital Traincase from various beauty bloggers as a great place to shop for hard-to-find beauty products. They specialize in products not usually released or sold in the Philippines, and they do so at a very fair price. I decided to try it out and catch their promo: buy Php1000 or more worth of products and get a Nyx Matte Lip Cream free.

Image courtesy of Digital Traincase Facebook Page

What I really wanted to get are the following: the much-praised Lucas Papaw ointment and Bioderma Sensibio makeup remover as well as a Swissco glass file (since I’ve started a serious hobby of nail coloring). Unfortunately DT was out of the Bioderma makeup remover at that time. I entered an order of one ointment (Php450) and one glass file (php300), but I only came up to Php750 which was not enough for me to score the free lip cream. I decided to throw in two Nyx eyeliners to round out my purchase and still be eligible for the freebie.

It was my first time trying out the Multiply shopping system. It was not a very difficult process, and I chose an over-the-counter payment option (BPI). Unfortunately as I ordered during the holiday season the lines at BPI were insane and it took me about half an hour to finish paying.

After two or three business days my package arrived. It came in the usual courier envelope, and inside are my orders wrapped tightly in a roll of bubble wrap. I also received the freebie (yay!) wrapped separately in another bubble wrap. Here are my orders:

L to R: Lucas Papaw Ointment, 2 Nyx Eye Pencils, green Swissco glass file
L to R: Lucas Papaw Ointment, 2 Nyx Eye Pencils, green Swissco glass file

And here’s the freebie I received: Nyx Matte Lip Cream


I aim to do a review on each of those products once I am able to use them thoroughly. Stay tuned!

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