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Once I got into seriously collecting interesting writing materials, I knew I had to get myself a good carrying case or container for them. I had my eye on the Filed Pen Roller for a while, ever since I made the Pocket Wallet my mainstay. As soon as I found a red variant, I immediately snapped it up. I’ve had the case for about a month now, and I’m here to review it for those of you who might be interested.


The Filed Pen Roller is a 2-in-1 carrying case for pens and other writing materials. It is made of a nice water-repellent material, black on the outside and red on the inside, with the Filed logo tastefully stitched on a lower corner. The Filed website states the following as the features of the Pen Roller:

  • Zipper opening for easy access
  • Water repellent and no tear double ripstop lining
  • Magnetic button snaps to lock your pencase in place
  • Strong spine for folding support
  • Cylindrical shape for easy gripping
  • Zipper color matches color of interior lining
  • 10 interior pen slots
  • Exterior handle for portability
  • 2 small pockets to keep your other writing materials
  • Outer garter strap to keep everything intact


When fully utilized, the pen roll is pretty bulky. The height of the closed pen roll is about 21 cm, or about the length of one-and-a-half moleskine pocket notebooks (yes, that’s actually how I measured the dimensions!). The thickness is as you can see in the photo above. I can barely grip it with my hand.


The pen roll itself (the outer part) is about 30 cm long. It has 15 pen slots (as opposed to the 10 claimed by the website) in the form of a black garterized strip stitched to form slots. It is quite stretchy and should accommodate thick pens; it can hold my Lamy Al-Star or Noodler’s Ahab without issues. Note though that it might not adjust back to its original shape.


On the left side of the opened roll are two magnetic button snaps to receive the pen case (which we’ll have a closer look at later).


On the right side are two velcro-enclosure small pockets to hold other stuff you might have such as erasers or sharpeners.


The pen case (or pencil case as the elementary-school-term goes) is made of the same water-repellent material as the roll, with a zipper enclosure of the same color theme (red in mine). It has a carry strap at one end. This is of the same height as the roll, 21 cm.


What surprises me is the sheer carrying capacity of this pen case alone, given how small it looks closed. Check out what I can fit in this.


I apparently have 14 pens of various types, an empty fountain pen converter, three stamps, two magnetic clips, and a big plastic binder clip! It all fits very snugly in the pen case, without causing any strain to either the case or the contents. Add another 15 pens plus however many other ephemera in the two small pockets in the pen roll, and the whole Filed Pen Roller can carry about 30 pens plus a lot of extras!


The pen case attaches to the pen roll through those two magnetic snaps on the left side. The whole thing rolls up and is kept together by a big elastic band.

I usually just end up bringing the pen case (considering how much I can already put in it!). I am a little afraid to overuse the pen roll’s garter slots and the elastic band, so I just keep it for those special occasions where I’m going to be showing off my pens (ha!). The Filed Pen Roller costs Php345 (bought mine at Fully Booked Eastwood), and comes in eight colors: red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, violet, pink, and black.

Pros: massive carrying capacity; water-repellent and sturdy material; two cases; affordable; widely available

Cons: size is correspondingly massive; garter and elastic bands may overstretch in time

Filed Pen Roller is available online at the Filed shop, and in Fully Booked, Powerbooks, and Scribe Writing Essentials stores.

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