Review: Flormar Longwearing Lipstick

Another item from my Dec-Jan BDJ Box that’s used almost everyday is the Flormar Longwearing Lipstick in L35. Here’s the shot from my unboxing post:


As you can see, it comes in an attractive black plastic tube, with white lettering for the brand and lipstick name. You can’t see it much from these pictures but the bottom and top part of the tube is transparent. Here are a few more shots of the tube:


The lipstick itself is a sort of bright pink, or perhaps dark rose.



It may look pretty bright on the tube, but it comes on the lips as an acceptable shade of pink. It’s very wearable, and I’ve actually taken to using it on an everyday basis.

Here’s the swatch on my arm:


And here’s the product applied on my lips.

Lips with only lip balm on
With Flormar L35 on
With Flormar L35 on

How longwearing is it? Very. It pretty much stays on the lips until I eat or drink. What I found a little strange with this lipstick is that it requires me to put on lip balm first before application. If I didn’t, the lipstick would streak and settle into the lines of my lips. Not really a pretty sight. On the other hand, I almost never go without lip balm anyway, so it’s not really a big issue.

I heard that you can find Flormar products in SM Megamall. This particular lipstick costs Php349.

Pros: reasonably priced; shade suits me

Cons: fades when eating or drinking; requires lip balm underneath

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