Review: Human Heart Nature Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss


In one of my recent hauls, I got myself a pampering item: Human Heart Nature Body Butter Cream in Berry Bliss. I tried this before in the 50g size tube, and I loved it! So I went ahead and purchased the full 200g tube, which costs Php274.75.


This body butter cream is basically a lotion on steroids. It has a very thick formulation, and may be a bit difficult to apply because of that. HHN Body Butter Cream comes in two variants: this one is the Berry Bliss, and they also released a newer variant called Mango Passion. Both have all-natural ingredients and oils that will deeply moisturize thirsty dry skin. Check out the back of the tube.


As I mentioned before, this is a very thick cream. Here’s how a small squeeze of product looks like on my finger.


As you can see it’s not at all runny. When spread on the back of my hand it looks like this.


That small squeeze is actually enough for a whole arm. As the cream is really thick, you would really need to work a bit to spread it over the limb. It gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin, and you will immediately feel fresh and moisturized. The formulation is quite gentle as well (being all-natural), and did not make my sensitive skin react at all. The Berry Bliss scent is really delicious as well, and is really one of the main reasons I like this lotion. I treat myself to this about once or twice a week.

HHN Body Butter Cream is available in HHN outlets (check their website for locations) and resellers. I bought mine at the main branch along Commonwealth, but I’ve also seen this at Landmark Trinoma and Shopwise.

Pros: delicious scent; very moisturizing; decadent

Cons: hard to apply; limited availability

Check out HHN’s page for this product here.

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