Review: Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner

Let me confess something here: these bottles are actually empties! I’ve gone through these whole bottles of Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Nourishing Face Toner, and I think that should be enough times of use to make a proper review.


Let’s start with the Nourishing Facial Wash. It contains tomato extract which is a pretty powerful antioxidant. I should mention that this line of HHN products caters specifically to Normal or Sensitive Skin. This facial wash is very gentle to the skin, but cleanses really well. It has a nice fruity scent. It doesn’t really lather up well, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t work. It very well does, even if sometimes I forget to use a makeup remover (of course, not for the waterproof products). This product costs Php79.75 for the 50ml bottle, and Php199.75 for the 200ml bottle (pictured).


Unfortunately, I don’t have a similar glowing review for the Nourishing Face Toner, even if they do contain the same tomato extract antioxidant. There must be something in the formulation, but I did experience some stinging when I use this toner. It’s not as painful as some of the other toners I’ve tried, but there is still some stinging. I suspect I am allergic to one of its ingredients. This product costs Php99.75 for the 100ml bottle (pictured) and Php184.75 for the 200ml bottle.


Will I rebuy these? The facial wash definitely, as it works well for me and it’s not that expensive. I like the smell of it too.

Pros: reasonably priced; product works as advertised (facial wash); available in most supermarkets and online; locally made; environment friendly

Cons: stinging sensation (toner)

Check out Human Heart Nature’s online store here.

2 thoughts to “Review: Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner”

  1. Hi Pat! Dropping by just to say thank you for this review! Our Nourishing Face Toner has a cooling sensation, which may be perceived as stinging by some users. Since this product is formulated for sensitive/normal skin, you may be extra sensitive to the tingling cooling effect. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi HHN! Thanks for visiting! Yes I suspect I’m either allergic to something in it, or just extra sensitive. Too bad really, as I like the scent of the Nourishing Face Toner. I’ll probably try the other lines’ toners (Balancing Face Toner or Hydrating Face Toner) and see if my face likes them better. πŸ˜€

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