Review: In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

One of the mainstay items in my makeup routine is In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour palette in ER01 Eyebrowns. I bought this all the way last August, from SM Megamall I think, for Php299. It is currently my go-to eyebrow powder.


Let’s talk about the palette. It comes in a small handy plastic palette with the brand printed on the cover in gold, along with some interesting flower design. Its top half is transparent and lets you see the actual product inside. This is a pretty sturdy palette and doesn’t seem cheap. It is a little hard to open, which means it’s pretty safe to tote along on a trip.


At the bottom you will find ingredient information, directions for use, and the dates of manufacture and expiry.


Upon opening the palette you will see the three shades side by side in a metal pan, and a tiny brush in its own compartment. The brush is actually pretty useful, and I use it as backup when I wash my primary eyebrow brush (Artist Studio). It does pick up a lot more product though, so I have to be careful otherwise I’ll be sporting a pretty dark brow when that happens. The inside of the cover sports a tiny mirror.


The eyebrow powder comes in three shades, and I use the darker two mostly. The darkest shade is the one I use to fill in the gaps in my brow, while the middle shade goes to outline and shape my brow properly. Here is the swatch of all three shades on my arm.


And here is the product applied on my brows.


In2It is available in major department stores. I have no information on their animal testing policies.

Pros: versatile eyebrow powder, comes in three shades; affordable; great looking compact case; portable; has mirror and brush; availability

Cons: none really

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