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What is a KeepCup? It’s basically a reusable coffee cup, but what distinguishes it from the rest is that it is barista-standard. This means that you can give this to your regular coffeeshop barista, and he/she would be able to fit it under the standard espresso spouts. It also fits in standard cup holders. As a bonus, it comes in exciting colors!

I won my KeepCup from House of Flair‘s holiday contest in Facebook. I could not believe my luck! This is such a perfect item for the coffee addict that I am. It comes in an eye-catching purple-and-red color scheme. Check it out:

KeepCup in box
KeepCup in box
Check out these colors!
Check out these colors!
Close up of lid
Close up of lid

House of Flair is KeepCup’s official distributor here in the Philippines. This is a medium size cup (12oz/340ml) and goes for $14 in KeepCup’s store. For HoF’s pricing, check here. [EDIT: HoF’s KeepCups repriced to Php850! Check out their on hand stock here.] It can fit a Tall-sized Starbucks drink.

And to Starbucks I did go for my buena mano drink, just a regular latte. It looks really good with my Cup!

First cuppa!
First cuppa! (And yes that’s Chocnut in the background..)

Pros: very chic and unique; environment-friendly; barista-standard and fits standard cup holders; lightweight

Cons: a little expensive

2 thoughts to “Review: KeepCup”

  1. I only used my keepcup once as I couldn’t stand the plastic taste of my coffee. They say you need to use this many times before the “plastic taste” disappears which is unfortunate. I have since found a reusable coffee mug made of glass (also an australian brand) without any contamination in the taste of my coffee.

    1. That’s really a disadvantage of non-glass containers, I think. Fortunately I did not encounter that with my keepcup for which I am very lucky. I would gladly also use a glass container but most of them are just too heavy!

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