Review: Macata TN by CNPapercrafts

The Macata Traveler’s Notebook remains one of my favorite TNs. I first got hold of it last September (haul post) and had a glowing first impression of the notebooks. How does it hold up two months later?


Pretty good, I would say. I absolutely love how the faux leather feels. It is properly stiff and holds its form quite well. Macata TNs are also naturally wide, even if you don’t get the “wide” size. I can fit quite a lot of inserts inside without overhang; 6-8 inserts is not too many.


The eyelets are set quite well, and the hole in the spine for the outside elastic is holding up nicely. My favorite is actually this Navy Blue passport size. The rounded corners, the silver eyelets, and the blue of the faux leather go well together really well. If it were only in field notes size, it would be perfect! (As it is, I am waiting for CN Papercrafts to restock their red leatherette so that I can get it in FN size.)


The faux leather seems to take a lot of beating without looking grubby, and I am pretty rough with the handling of my notebooks! As you can see here, there’s a couple of indentations on the bottom right corner. I really don’t remember where it came from, but I feel that it does not mar the overall appearance of the notebook.


I actually took the tan Macata and altered it. I really wanted a wide FN size to test out the idea of a chunky TN. I cut down the regular size TN into an FN size, punched another spine hole for the outside elastic, and (inexpertly) applied new eyelets.

permanentalter1 permanentalter2

Here is the resulting chunky TN. I love it so much, that it became my daily carry since I altered it!

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