Review: Nail Polish Removers from The Face Shop, Dazzle Dry, and Flormar

Welcome to part 2 of my ambitious nail polish remover review project! To refresh your memory, I plan to review as many nail polish remover brands as I can. Here is the photo of all the polish removers I have.


I started with three drugstore brands two weeks ago. For this installment I will review the nail polish removers from The Face Shop, Dazzle Dry, and Flormar.

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Nail Remover

npremover08 npremover09

This is the first of my three pink nail polish removers. I got this from one of The Face Shop stores (Trinoma, I believe), for about Php95 if I am not mistaken. This Lovely Me:Ex Nail Remover in 01 Pink bottle has 100ml of product in it, and has a child-proof safety cap. It has a nice floral scent that is not at all offensive to the nose. As you can see from the fluid level, I haven’t used this a lot. It is not that efficient in removing nail polish which is why I don’t use it very often. Contrary to what the name says, it doesn’t remove your nails, but it does remove nail polish. The Face Shop is not cruelty-free.

Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover

npremover12 npremover13

Ah, now we come to my favorite nail polish remover. As an avid Dazzle Dry user, it makes sense for me to be using the Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover. It does remove DD polishes efficiently; usually it takes only one (and a half, sometimes) cotton rounds to remove polish from all ten fingernails. It also removes other brand nail polishes with only slightly less effectiveness. This 240ml bottle costs Php375, which may seem a bit steep. However as it is very efficient in removing polish, it lasts for quite some time. As you can see I’m just halfway through the bottle, and believe me I use this quite a lot! The scent of lemongrass is admittedly a bit strong, but it doesn’t bother me too much. The product is very gentle and doesn’t dry out the nails and the skin around them. The only disadvantage I see with this is that it can only be ordered online (or maybe from select salons), and sometimes they run out of stock. Dazzle Dry is cruelty-free.

Flormar Nail Polish Remover in Orchid Complex

npremover10 npremover11

Lastly for this installment, I have my second pink nail remover. Flormar Nail Polish Remover in Orchid Complex has 125ml of product, and costs Php149, which is one of my more expensive ones on a per milliliter basis. I think it smells the best of all removers that I have, as the orchid scent smells so good. However it has approximately the same level of removal efficiency as The Face Shop’s. Flormar is available in many SM Malls as well as Watsons branches. I believe Flormar does not test their final products on animals.

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5 thoughts to “Review: Nail Polish Removers from The Face Shop, Dazzle Dry, and Flormar”

  1. I usually go for the unscented ones because I like the formula to be concentrated and just remove my polish easy and fast 😀 but for a while now I have been using acetone, the pure, pharmaceutical one. It does stink but I swear it erases my polish away like magic. But I did want to try the Flormar one.

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