Review: Nemosine Singularity Clear Demonstrator

One of the newest fountain pen brands I was introduced to is Nemosine. I’m not entirely sure what type of company it is, but they do seem to manufacture really nice pens. I got the Singularity model, in the clear demonstrator variant. The first one I got was with an extra fine nib, from Pengrafik, and the second one with a medium nib is from Everything Calligraphy, both going for a very reasonable price of Php1000. That includes the pen, a pack of cartridges, and a converter, all packaged in a nice slim cardboard box.


You might be asking why I got two of the same pen, and the reason being I enjoyed my first Singularity so much that I wanted to get another one. The nib writes super smoothly, and the converter seems quite serviceable. The pen itself looks very nice, with the clear barrel that lets me see the ink in the converter.


The ink sloshing around in the barrel is really mesmerizing! I did have a previous experience with clear demonstrators, but that was the Platinum Preppy and there’s a lot of writing on the barrel even though you could see the inside. Here, the barrel is completely clear, with nothing obstructing the view. A nice light-colored ink would usually be preferred in this type of pen.


The nibs themselves are quite beautiful! Each nib has a cool butterfly design etched on it, with N on top for Nemosine and the nib size at the bottom. These nibs are German made, and write smoothly out of the box.


Here are some writing samples from both pens. The inks I used are Diamine Amazing Amethyst for the extra fine and Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-yake for the medium. The medium nib really shows off the shading of Yu-yake, while the extra fine actually produces quite a fine line even by Japanese standards. Both are a pleasure to write with.


The cap has silver accents and clip, and rounds out the overall beautiful design of the pen. Here I have it on an Elias pen case.


It’s pretty clear that I am a big fan of the Nemosine Singularity clear demonstrator, and I don’t regret at all having two. This model also comes in blue and purple demonstrators, as well as the solid colored non-demonstrator versions in several colors. I’m very happy that this is readily available locally, and replacement nibs and converters are available as well.


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