Review: Ofra Lipstick #202

One of my most favorite items in the Beauty SOS Glamourbox is the only makeup item in it: the Ofra Lipstick in #202.


It’s supposedly rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, as well as being both a natural sunscreen for the lips and a moisturizer to boot! Talk about multitasking! That’s not even talking about the lipstick aspect of it.


It comes in a nice matte black plastic tube, with a preview of the color at the bottom and the shade number at the top. It also has the brand emblazoned in the middle.


It applies matte on the lips as well. One has to be really careful in application and make sure that the lips are well exfoliated prior to putting on the lipstick. Check out the lip swatch. The top is the bare lip, middle is one layer of lipstick, bottom is blotted.


It lasts for quite some time (about 4 hours) without eating or drinking. It’s non drying at all, and feels wonderful on the lips. I would love to try other shades of this!

ofra5 ofra6

You can buy this lipstick (other shades available!) from the Glamourbox Boutique for Php650. Ofra is cruelty free (Thanks to the Nailinator for the update!) I have no information on Ofra’s animal testing policies.

Pros: wonderful matte red; nondrying; long lasting

Cons: slightly expensive; available online only

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    1. Thanks! It makes me a little self conscious though, especially when it gets noticed. A colleague commented on it, and I am not sure if they liked it or not. O_O

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