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I’ve mentioned my pets before, but basically I have two dogs, four cats, and a newly-rescued kitten as of present writing (as if I’m expecting more, haha!). You can imagine the sort of supplies I need on a regular basis to keep all of them warm, fed, and healthy. My go-to pet supply store had been Pet Express, that is, until Pet Warehouse.

The idea of Pet Warehouse is amazingly simple and brilliant: it is basically an online pet supply store. That delivers! A delivery service for pet supplies! I no longer need to make special trips to the mall just to get my week’s supply of dog and cat food and cat litter. The convenience of this cannot be understated.


I have made three orders from Pet Warehouse, all of them made through their website which is very convenient and helpful. They also accept Paypal! I have heard that most of their customers order through their Facebook page, and I am actually one of the outliers. One of their biggest strengths is their wonderful customer service. I have been kept updated constantly about the status of my orders, and there is a lovely personal touch to their communications.

Pet Warehouse is gaining popularity. While my most recent order took a day more, it is not something to be taken against them. They are a very young company and are still growing their staff, so the processing time for orders is now at 2-3 days, which is quite acceptable.


Do you have pets? I urge you to check them out! Their inventory and list of partner brands are growing, and there’s a pretty good chance that they are or will be carrying the brand or item you are looking for.

Pet Warehouse Website Facebook

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way nor asked by Pet Warehouse to write this post. I am just a very happy customer that wants to see their business succeed.

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