Review: Physiogel Intensive Cream

I have to admit, I am wrong sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time, even. And I am working on being able to openly admit I am wrong and that I have changed my mind. In this case, I am actually glad to be wrong about Physiogel Intensive Cream. I remember saying here before that I am sad having received this in my beauty subscriptions, and in triplicate!


What changed my mind? It turns out I have been using it wrong. For some reason when I first received it I thought it was a facial moisturizer. Not surprisingly, I thought it was too strong and heavy as a moisturizer and that I received a dud product. It turns out, it’s supposed to be what it says: an intensive cream for the really dry areas of the body.


Now I have an issue with super dry skin around my stomach area, right where my stretch marks are. This dry skin leads to severe itchiness, and I get angry red stripes and bumps on my tummy because of that. According to a derma I visited, all I needed to do to address this is to apply lotion diligently to the affected area and the itchiness should subside. I used to just use regular body lotion, but I recently realized that I can use Physiogel Intensive Cream for that purpose! And after using it for some time I can report that it works much better than regular lotion!


Check out just how thick this cream is. It’s really packed with moisturizing powers, and it really works! I fully admit that I had a wrong first impression and I didn’t research enough about this product. I’m happy to have discovered the correct way to use it. This 50ml tube costs a whopping Php574.50! Makes me so glad that I have three tubes of this! A much belated thanks to BDJ Box and Glamourbox!


You can learn more about Physiogel products here. I don’t have information on their animal testing policies.

Pros: powerful moisturizer for extremely dry parts of the body; reduces itchiness due to dryness; available in many supermarkets

Cons: a little expensive

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